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Brunton O.S.S. 40B Compass

photo: Brunton O.S.S. 40B Compass handheld compass


Price Historic Range: $20.99-$45.00


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The Brunton 40B compass is an excellent baseplate compass. It permits setting of declination without tools and this is an invaluable feature. It saves time and prevents mistakes in calculating bearings. The compass is accurate to one degree and the scale is easy to read. the grid coordinate scale is simple and accurate. Fits the hand comfortably. A very well designed instrument. i am not an orienteer, but use the compass for back country navigation and I rely on it.


  • Well designed
  • Well made
  • Accurate


  • I find no fault with it.

If you have been trained in the use of a baseplate compass, this is a very good one. It permits you to offset the dial for the local declination. In that way the map and compass are in agreement and there is no need for calculating the difference between grid or true North and Magnetic North. All azimuths that you measure on the map using the protractor function are directly readable as magnetic bearings without any calculation. A very useful, time saving and error eliminating feature. 

I have tested this compass on courses that we have in our local parks against competitive compasses and this is the one to choose. Well made, easy to use, accurate; what more is there to say. Oh yes, it's made in USA, which was a great surprise! Nice going, you folks in Montana. 

Source: bought it new

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