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TriLite Stool

rated 5 of 5 stars Tall, wide, lightweight and comfy. So I got tired of carrying the over the shoulder "lawn" chair to campouts.  I've tried the 3-legged triangular shaped stools and never could find one that felt comfortable. They all were too small for my wide backside.   I've tried some of the 'fancier' quad backpacking style seats but they were all so low to the ground that I felt like I was gonna break them having to kind of flop into them. And getting up was even worse. HARD without help or falling down and… Full review

Amazonas Hammock

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Amazing product for the price, super light (under 16 oz). Still in pack, though it's only good during warmer months. No rain guard, but that's nothing a good tarp won't fix. To start, I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to backpacking trips, but am already in love with it. I've found that through years of camping there's always a rock or funky angle that a tent sits on when you want to set camp somewhere besides the "pads" set up for specified sites. So I decided to go for a hammock. I found the… Full review

Easy Traveller

rated 5 of 5 stars Love it!!! Lightweight, compact, easy to hang anywhere, and very comfortable. I use this many times in lieu of my tent to save weight on ultralight trips. Take it with me everywhere! This hammock is one of my favorite and best purchases ever! I take it with me everywhere. It's great for any kind of camping, or backpacking trip. I would not recommend it in cold weather, wherein a tent can better trap heat.  This works well as just an easy setup to relax wherever you are. Setup is a breeze and can… Full review

Moskito Traveller

rated 2.5 of 5 stars I purchased one of these at a boy scout summer camp. It's ok but a little small for me (I am 6'1"). The net hangs on my head and face. Without the net (flipped over) it's fine but I would not want to camp in a buggy area without the net. Price is right on at $40. Setup is straightforward and easy. Use your own straps or purchase the ropes for this and it is really easy to hang.  It does not come with a rainfly or tarp so you will need to purchase one of these. It is nice in that you can use the… Full review

Moskito Traveller

rated 5 of 5 stars very good price for moskito net hammok, very light and comfortable. i would rather sleep in my hammok rather than a tent and air mattress very light, weighs a pound. around $50. all you need is less than 5 minutes to hang up. all you need is a few feet of strong rope, about $5 at lowes. comfortable all you need is a small tarp to stay dry on rainy nights. i have used mine for the last 2 years for long mountain hikes and short camping trips too. for a similar hammok it would cost at least $150. Full review

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