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Fueltank Uno

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Caveat emptor (Buyer beware). I read the glowing five star review of the Callpod Fueltank Duo on this site. Bought the Uno version, thinking that should be adequate for my purposes. Should have same charging power as one side of the Duo, wouldn't you think?   Charged the unit per instructions. All six LEDs lit up, indicating a full charge on the Uno. Plugged in my iPhone 3G with the adapter cord included, which according to Callpod is universal for Apple iPods and iPhones. Nothing!! My iPhone actually… Full review

Fueltank Duo

rated 2.5 of 5 stars I was really pumped about the product at first but after extensive use I have to deem this product a "dud" from my experiences. Ahhh, the infamous "what is the best way to keep our electronics charged in the bc" question... We have all been there. We need to use the GPS and the low battery indicator is letting us know we have limitations (and still lost...) or halfway thru our weekend trek we don't have enough juice to order that piping hot 12 cut pie from the local pizza shop to mile marker 38. Full review

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