Carlisle Economy Paddle

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photo: Carlisle Economy Paddle canoe paddle


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I've always been a Lolk paddle guy. One day, I read that 'an unbreakable paddle' was a must for Roy McGregor, a pretty fair paddler and hockey writer up here in the Great White North. So I bought one of these Carlisle paddles from MEC as a 'spare' and I really liked it. 

It was light, wide and had a nice T-grip. And I use paddling gloves so it still felt good in hand. And I really loved that when you came to a portage and you had to unload the packs in tough places you could just pitch this thing from the canoe onto land and not worry about damage.

And I liked being able to cast off from a portage and not worrying when I grinded the paddle or fended off rocks because the thing really is UNBREAKABLE.  So it became my stern paddle of preference very quickly.

It's no trophy, that's for sure.. just a very surprisingly good functional piece of gear.

Price Paid: $19.99

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