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Century Leather Products Black Pile Sno-Mitts

photo: Century Leather Products Black Pile Sno-Mitts fleece glove/mitten


Price MSRP: $33.00
Reviewers Paid: $30.00


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Uber Black Pile Snow Mittens with with Plush Pile Insulation.


  • Price
  • Warm at subzero
  • Easy to remove and put back on
  • Warmer than pair that I paid close to $180.


  • Not very packable
  • Not waterproof

Bought two pairs a few years ago; regardless of temp. these are the warmest gloves regardless of price. This was also confirmed by the person I bought the second pair for, as these are the only gloves he wears when working in the snow.

Outdoor Research Men's Alti Mitts are the mittens I originally bought for snow work, and they are not nearly as warm as the Uber mittens. Plus if you are wearing the Alti Mitts and it's warm you cannot get your hands back in the glove liners because of sweat. 

These mittens extend well up the forearms and you can have your hands exposed for several minutes and when you put the mittens back on your hands will warm back up. 

Would give this product five stars if they were waterproof.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30


Thanks for sharing your review of these Uber/Century pile mitts, jwbeene. It's always helpful to hear about mitts that really keep your hands warm. I'd love to see some pictures of your pair, if you're willing to add them to the review.

6 years ago

Where could I find a pair of these to buy?

6 years ago

Goose, it looks like there's a form to order stock directly from the company:

6 years ago

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