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Chouinard Equipment is no longer in business.

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Blue Composite Shaft Ice Axe w/Curved Pick

rated 5 of 5 stars This ice axe is ergonomic and balanced. This ice axe is well balanced and has an ergonomic curve to ease its use. Chouinard is an old and well known  company which stays on top in tune with the times. I had a Chouinard/Frost bamboo handle technical axe since 1972; and I recently parted with it.   Full review

Blue Composite Shaft Ice Axe w/Curved Pick

rated 5 of 5 stars Last of a series of 4 ice tools, on a "30+ year test". This one lasted longer then the Co did! Sorry Yvon, me without a "smart remark somewhere in the short series" would scare others... (besides, the incident was nothing to do with you or your co anyway... legalese word games.... my opinion anyway...) In this 30+ year test drive, touched on the Simond Chacal, MacInnes-Peck Terrordactyl, and the Forest Moljner.¬† This leaves the High Quality Pretty Blue Chouinard Ice Axe (did it make up for the… Full review

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Yvon Chouinard founded Chouinard Equipment in 1957 by selling pitons out of the back of his car. Patagonia was originally part of Chouinard Equipment. In 1989, Chouinard Equipment filed for bankruptcy protection. Its assets were acquired by former employees who created Black Diamond Equipment.