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ClickHeat Hand/Pocket Warmer

rated 1.0 of 5 stars
photo: ClickHeat Hand/Pocket Warmer survival gear

Click Heat gel packs have a small metal disc inside. When "clicked" the disc causes the gel in the pack to solidify and become hot through an exothermic reaction. They are really neat but quite impractical for the outdoors. They only last about 1/2 hour.


  • Cool to use and watch
  • They do get warm instantly
  • reusable


  • Heavy
  • Do not last long (1/2 hour)

These are just little 3 x 3 inch packets. You bend the small metal disk inside. When it clicks, there's an instant reaction that causes the gel inside to solidify. 
packets after "click"

The heat comes instantly. 

I brought these up north (Minnesota) and used them in 28°F weather. They warmed my hands fine. I used my stop watch to measure the duration of the reaction. They lasted almost exactly 30 minutes. I heard that they are supposed to last 1 hour. In my experience, the packets fell plenty short of that. 

I clicked the packets at 8 a.m. They were less than lukewarm at 8:32 a.m.

Ease of Use: It's sometimes a challenge to get the clicker to click. It's not an easy bend, nor should it be. You wouldn't want them to accidentally click before you needed them. 

The reaction is a nucleation reaction sort of like CO2 attaching to a Mentos when dropped in Diet Coke. 

Features: You can reverse the effect by boiling the packet in water. It melts the solidified mass back into gel. Then, you can use it all over again. I did this on my stove top and they melted in about 5-10 minutes.

That part works. 

Construction and durability: The packet is made of a durable and reusable exterior. I would compare them to gel pack exteriors that you might find in your freezer. 

Conditions: Being a teacher, I was excited to show these to my students so I demonstrated them to one of my classes to teach about exothermic reactions. They thought it was really cool. I went to boil the packets so I could show another class later that day.

I didn't have a pot to boil water in so I decided to throw them in the microwave. (Please don't judge my scientific acumen on this boner of a mistake): I forgot the disk in the middle was metal...duh. The disks melted a small hole in each of the packets. I can now tell you that the gel in the packet is a very powerful alkali. Some got on my skin and it burned like a mother. 

Warning: Don't let these things puncture in your bag on anywhere near you or you will have a caustic burn on either or both!

In the end, the packets are too thick and heavy for practical use in the outdoors, they don't last long enough to merit hauling them in, and they are a potential hazard to your health and the environment...but they are super cool to play with for fun!


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $3.99

This product gets very hot, but only for about a 1/2 hour. It then needs boiling in a pan for at least 15 minutes to re-charge the crystals. This is fiddly and potentially dangerous for scalding with kids or disabled people.


  • Pretty colours


  • Lengthy re-charging by boiling
  • Flimsy plastic, easily punctured
  • Caustic liquid if it leaks

I was at the NAIDEX Expo last Thursday 28th April, with my support workers and we visited your stand there. (Clickheat)

I am disabled from birth with cerebral palsy. 

We were very interested in the heat products that you were displaying, as I felt this would be beneficial to my health problems.

The representative at the stand told me that I could re-energise the heat crystals easily, as this question was specifically asked by one of my support workers whose mother had a similar product. He enquired about having to boil the packs for hours, as his mother had one and this had made them impractical for use by a disabled person. 

Your staff member on the stand then clearly stated to all three of us that these products would not need boiling, they could be re-energised simply by placing under a hot tap. She said that they had been "re-formulated" and these were a new generation of product. 

To put it bluntly this was a flagrant lie in order to sell the products. Upon returning home, we found that the products do indeed need to be boiled in a pan on a stove for a long time, and then handled with tongs to remove and dry. Clearly for someone with my disability this is not possible as I cannot handle boiling pots as this is dangerous for me. 

I am astonished that you were allowed to have a stand at NAIDEX as I am sure you have mis-sold many of these during your time there, endangering the health and safety of many disabled people. 

In addition I was horrified to learn that an identical item is listed on Amazon for just £10, and the hand warmers are now on sale in Poundland. I was charged £50 for these "new" products which clearly weren't so new.  

I would like to know why this stand was allowed to sell these products to disabled and vulnerable people at inflated prices, when they are clearly dangerous for the majority of disabled people to use? 

Furthermore, I would like to know where I can return these items to for a full refund, as they are not fit for the purpose described. They were clearly mis-sold and your representative lied about the ease of re-energising the crystals. 

I look forward to hearing from both NAIDEX and Clickheat about this, and will have no hesitation in forwarding this story to the media, Watchdog etc, and I feel this stall was nothing short of a scam! I am astonished that NAIDEX doesn't carefully vet their stall holders, and I am astonished that Clickheat feels that its products would be suitable for disabled people to use. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £50

Good product if you know all the details.


  • Heat lasts for about an hour
  • Reusable forever if you take care of them
  • Cool science for kids
  • Great for cramps


  • Need patience when resetting packs
  • Not all sales people are honest due to commission
  • Gets kind of stuff when crystallized
  • Not really suitable for outdoor gear, more for at home

We got the footsies, the back, and the shoulder warmer at a state fair. We did our research. Overall the price we paid wasn't bad. We paid 100 even. For the record, my review is not paid. I'm just a science buff and I don't spend money on frivolous things unless I've done a lot of research. 

The solution inside the packs is sodium acetate. When you click the concave disk it sets off a chain reaction that will raise the pack to about 130 degrees F UNTIL every liquid has crystallized. Then it will attempt to cool to the temperature around it.

The larger packs last longer, the smaller ones lose heat faster. With the foot things, the middle maintains heat because of the liquid built up in the middle. Sodium acetate isn't harmful but it's super alkaline so it will irritate skin if the pack pictures. It'll also cause minor irritation if inhaled. 

We used our packs immediately after walking all day. The boiling thing is a trial and error thing. I actually don't use a towel. The first time I reset them I did but it just creates a mess. I just pop them in a pan and let them heat like frogs. I stir them gently every once in a while so they don't stick and wait. The largest takes about 28 mins of boiling.

The trick is you to take them out with a pair of tongs and hold them up to the light as they boil. When you do that you can see if there are any crystals or floaty things in it. If there are, it will recrystalize. It has to be completely liquid before you start to cool it. 

We love ours and use them all the time. The packs are a freaking lifesaver for my period. They are nice cool packs for our kids scraps too. Cool but not cold enough that they complain. It's just become habit for us to boil them after use or that night while I'm cleaning the kitchen or whatever. 

They will last forever if you take care of them. They really won't lull you if you puncture them. The heat isn't forever but it allows for easy hot cold therapy without overdoing it with a heat pad for like 6 hours. They don't burn you but do get hot enough that you feel it. When you boil them use tongs. Those suckers are hot. All in all, if you know what you're getting into, it's a decent investment. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $100

ClickHeat products are sold using false and deceptive practices. DO NOT BUY THEM.


  • It gets warm


  • It lasts 30 minutes (not the 2-3 hours they claimed)
  • It must be boiled for 15 minutes before reuse.

On 12/13/2017 we visited the ClickHeat kiosk in the Natick shopping mall in Massachusetts. Based on the deceptive information from the sales rep (Inaj) we purchased two complete gift sets and additional items for $881.88 charged to our VISA for our use and as holiday gifts for family members. (3 back, 3 shoulders, 2 eye, 2 feet, and 6 hand packs). 

They have a policy of no refunds, however the representative misrepresented and lied about the product performance. She cited 2-3 hours of heat. It lasts 30 minutes. She said it can be reused after it cools down…you just click it again she claimed. She did not say it needed to be boiled for 15 minutes to reset it.

We did notice a "crock pot" of hot water and very specifically asked her what it was for. She said it was to clean them because they are handled by so many people. She very clearly failed to include the information that boiling was a required step to reset them. It is this last item in particular that is 100% unacceptable.

She also said that the this was the last day for the kiosk to be in the mall and our only chance to purchase the items without driving an hour to the South Shore. We confirmed that as of 12/17/17, the kiosk was still in the same location in the Natick Mall. Based on her false information, we purchased many items, but because they do not perform in the manner she described, these items are useless as there is no way to boil it in our application (which we had described to her).

She provided us with her phone number which we called and received no answer or call back. We have contacted the company directly and informed them of the false and deceptive tactics of their representative. On 12/18/17 we also returned in person to the kiosk location and found the sales rep (Inaj). She admitted to not telling us about the need to boil the product to “reset” it but said they could not issue a refund at this kiosk.

She had us send another online contact to their main office using their “contact us form” with her acknowledgement of failing to tell us about the boiling requirement. The head office returned the same “form letter” response as to our first query. With multiple repeated attempts on our part, they have failed to rectify the situation and refuse to provide a refund.

We have since disputed the charge and filed a report with the BBB. We intend to contact the Attorney General and pursue MA Consumer Protection claims.

Source: bought it new

Sold by Berko Productions of Miami, FL (and some cites also say NY, NY) at Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI.

Scam artists selling a ridiculously overpriced, poor quality product (ClickHeat) with lies, lies, lies!


  • The gel pack does warm up quickly and is comfortable to wear with a neoprene pack (for lower back), but is only fairly warm for about 30 minutes.


  • Cools off quickly
  • Has to be boiled to re-activate
  • Similar products can be microwaved and retain their heat much longer (ACE Co.) and for a fraction of the cost (theirs: $90; ACE: $25 on Amazon)

As I wrote above, bought this lumbar pack (with sleeve) at Providence Place mall in Rhode Island a few days ago. Activated and wore while remaining in mall. Was told by salesperson that heat would last two hours. It lasted 30 minutes. While still in the mall, I looked up the company selling this product and found too many complaints to count re: fraudulent practices.

I returned to their kiosk and said I wanted a refund as 1) it didn't stay warm nearly as long as the sales rep (who also said he owned the company) said it would and 2) it was a far too expensive for what they were offering (especially when compared to another, reputable company's product).

They of course said they don't give refunds; that the mall made them reject returns. When I said "B*"...the sales person tried to get me to accept $70 instead of the $90 I had just 30 minutes prior, paid. I said no to that and called mall security. I also informed them that per Rhode Island law, that they are supposed to have the return policy printed in the receipt, which they did not, nor did they inform me prior to my purchase that they didn't accept returns.

Upon hearing about Rhode Island law however, the female sales associate told the male associate to refund me and he did, but not without hurling a few insults my way in the process.

I actually got a call from this sales associate a day later disguising his voice (but it was VERY clear to me) and pretending to be someone I had known overseas (a Somali). (I had spoken with him previously about working in Somalia. He had photos of himself with a Somali soccer team and found something in common). Apparently he used my Facebook page to track down my phone number and has tried to scam me a little further...but I'm on to him and I let him know.


The "alternative" product that I purchased (as above) works great with far more convenience and at a fraction of the price.

Source: bought it new

I like these packs as they work well, quickly, and lasted me quite a while. Unlike others I have had no difficulty as I have read the directions and followed them to a tee. Also, I was careful when boiling it to stir the neck pack around do it doesn't stick to the hot metal pot. IT WILL NOT BURN YOU if it gets punctured as someone else said. In fact, it is sodium acetate, a salt, and is made by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Read the safety data sheet or chemical information on it.


  • Works quick
  • Very warm
  • Reusable so less waste compared to disposable heat packs
  • Very cool science to watch


  • Need to boil them to reuse them, which is inconvenient for the large neck or back pads

I saw a lot of people didn't like them but I love them. I got them at an event like lots of other people, but I was not told they would last for an hour. They said 30 minutes with increasing time as they are used.

I used the neck wrap on my drive home which was 90 minutes and it was very warm the whole way. I boiled it on the stove and had no problems with it returning to liquid for re-use. Thirty minutes is probably all I need for the small pads since I use them to keep me warm while I am tending to my horses in the CT winter, but they have lasted longer than that.

I am not sure why they are getting so many bad reviews other than because people weren't careful with them. I treat them gently as I do all my belongings, so I don't think I will have a problem. I was using disposable heat packs and those don't last very long either and are throw away, which I hate.


I have owned this product for only a week, but have used it several times and really like it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $100 for 9 hand warms and a neck warmer

Wished that I'd seen the reviews before purchasing the back pad with the "free" foot pads for $106 at the Suffolk Peanut Fest.

Pros: Fast-heating
Cons: Fast-talking seller did not have any literature to back up his claim of a 10-year warranty guaranteeing three hours of heat and two hours of cold relief using warm water to "reset" the product (stated warranty would come with my receipt via email).


  • Fast-heating with nice wrap-around sleeve for back pad
  • Quick relief for my aching lower back


  • Fast-talking seller did not have any literature to back up his claim of a 10-year warranty guaranteeing 3 hours of heat and 2 hours of cold relief using warm water to "reset" the product (stated warranty would come with my receipt via email).

Wished that I'd seen the reviews before purchasing the back pad with the "free" foot pads for $106 at the Suffolk Peanut Fest tonight. Didn't even get the "free" sleeve with the backpad that I purchased.  

Very afraid to use it now after reading reviews about the dangerous burns that could happen if the pads come open or are punctured.

Source: bought via a "pro deal"
Price Paid: $106 ($6 tax)

Do not fall for the scam. These overpriced “salt based” heat packs are actually battery fluid in a silicone casing. I purchased them at Danbury Fair Mall for my family and my aging father (who has serious back and knee issues) after somehow falling for the pitch they gave about safety and heating time.

Fortunately, I bumped into my friend who is also a PT at the mall, who told me that they were actually very harmful if they break open. When I tried to return the items FiFTEEN minutes later to get a refund, the salesperson told me they don’t do refunds (not stated on the receipt) and claimed to call a manager to “see if he could help” but actually called mall security to claim I was causing a disturbance.

Long story short: 24 hours later I am still wasting hours of time on the phone and on email, trying to get my $200+ refund.


  • Absolutely none


  • Toxic
  • Overpriced
  • Completely misrepresented

The most frightening part of this is that they are marketing this as a family-friendly therapy product when in fact it can cause dangerous burns if it touched the skin. Do not fall for the scam! 

Source: bought it new

Bad feeling about product.


  • Heats up fast


  • Hard to activate
  • Expensive
  • Too much hassle

I guess it is true...there is a sucker born every day! Unfortunately, it had to be me.

I went to the LA County Fair Sept 21, 2018. I spoke with a helpful girl about Clickheat. I was  told that she uses it at the hospital on patients and it was even safe on cancer patients. I wanted to buy it for my 89-year-old mom who is having compressed back issues and is in a lot of pain. I was told $199 for one piece or $299 for the kit which had the feet, back, shoulder, and neck pads. Plus $50 for the back pad holder. By the time it all added up with the tax and tip I ended up paying $478.66 OUCH!!!

Tried it at home and found it hard to deactivate the safety on the click and I was never told about the boiling part. I honestly thought after it cooled it would liquefy. Too much for my 89-year-old parents. I started looking online at the reviews and the BBB with the F rating.

I contacted the LA fair and told them what happened. They said to bring it back and they let me park for free for 15 minutes so I could return the  product. After lugging the heavy product back to the person who originally helped me, she said they don't refund there but to send a message on their website. She gave me the info. I wrote an email but have a very bad feeling I have just been had!

Side note: I tried to dispute the charges. The bank gave me the contact number in Miami. That number was  disconnected. The New York number is in process of being changed...HMM...

Has anyone ever gotten a refund and if so how? Also what  is the real price? Everyone seems to pay a different price.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $478.66

Overpriced and inconvenient. I do not recommend this product. Definitely stay away from the kiosk at the events where this item is being sold. It is a waste of money.


  • Gets hot quickly


  • Inconvenient to restore
  • Sales staff trained to scam

The product worked the first time, stayed warm for about an hour. The product has to be placed in boiling water—major waste of time and energy. The product leaks after being placed in boiling water, which is a required process to restore the product.

Overpriced and inconvenient. I do not recommend this product. Definitely stay away from the kiosk at the events where this item is being sold. It is a waste of money. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 170 for sets


  • Ingenting positivt å si om dette produktet. [Nothing positive to say about this product.]


  • Feil info ved kjøp [Wrong info when purchasing]
  • Lureri [Trickery]

Kjøpte til datteren på Julemarkedet i Norge. Erfaringer, vurderinger. Etter førstegangsbruk lekte to av seks poser. Til slutt etter kun noen ganger bruk begynte lekke alle. Dårlig produkt. Ikke kjøp. Bortkastet penger. Styr unna!  Mann får ikke kontakt med produsenten for reklamasjon,  selv om det ble sagt ved kjøp at de sender ny vare i erstatning ved feil. Lureri.

[GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Bought to daughter at Christmas market in Norway. Experience, reviews. After first use, two of six bags were playing. Eventually after only a few uses, everyone started to leak. Poor product. Don't buy. Wasted money. Steer away! Man does not get in touch with the manufacturer for the complaint, even though it was said during the purchase that they ship new item in compensation for errors. Trickery.]


Ikke kjøp dette produktet. Dårlig kvalitet, lekker. Du får ikke erstatning.
[Do not buy this product. Poor quality, leaking. You will not receive compensation.]

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 250

I bought ClickHeat at the World of Wheels Auto Show in Rosemont a week or so ago. I spent $80 and the first time I used the packs it leaked onto my new sheets and mattress.

I emailed Customer Service and spoke with Jodi Dobrinsky (757-472-9123) and she was by far the worse customer service rep I have ever dealt with in all my life. She sends me an attachment showing that my money was nonrefundable and no where on the box nor the receipt does it state this was nonrefundable and I advised her of that. Legally it needs to appear on the product you are selling.

After I made that comment Jody became irritate and the name-calling began. I have never talked to a more unprofessional person than her and I will never buy another product from this company again.


  • Nothing


  • Everything (Customer Service is the worse at this company)

Worst Customer Service I have ever dealt with.



Source: bought it new (Auto Show)

Just bought at the LA County Fair. Too much work needed between uses. Impractical for most people. Price ripoff. BEWARE FAIR GOERS!!!


  • First time use it's kinda cool.


  • Too much work between uses. Rather have a mircrowaveable item.

At the LA Fair there are several booths selling them. Girl was very nice and demonstrated the ease of use. Initially $99.95 for one; buy two they were $49.99. Only wanted one so she sold it to me for $49. Should have been the first clue.

We had to go back to the booth to get our receipt, which is when she said you need to boil it after use to get the body oils off of it....not to reverse the crystals. That instruction was on the box , should have read it all before buying. So used it when I got home, then boiled for 5 minutes. Took out it was a liquid and within 1/2 hour started to crystalize again. Reboiled for 15 minutes and let it sit in the pot for 25 minutes while I was distracted. Oh....forgot to add you're supposed to put a cloth in the pot first. So far, so good it's on my counter still a liquid. I'm afraid to touch it.

I would have NEVER bought it knowing the process between uses. I thought it would be great for travel. Nope, who has a pot to boil in while on vaca... I'm going to notify the LA County Fair folks and alert them. Also noticed on line many other sites sell for 1/2 or 1/3 of this price I paid. No surprise lowest prices on EBay! My bad for not Googling it before purchasing it.

Source: LA County Fair 2017

Too good to be true. Don't fall for the SCAM! They work, but not as they promise.


  • They do get hot.
  • Kids think they are cool to watch, as they heat up.


  • Heat does not last as long as promised.
  • Have to boil for long amount of time in order to reuse.
  • Left weird grey spots in our stainless steel pots when boiled.

Came across the ClickHeat booth, at the Tampa fair. I will admit, the "reps" are well trained to not answer your question truthfully, but also not really lie.

My husband drives a truck and was reassured this would be awesome to take on the toad and use for backaches. Not once was it mentioned you have to boil them to reuse. (How do you do that in a truck???) we asked, "we can just reuse them, over and over again?" And the reply was "yes". They just conveniently left out "after boiling for 5-20 minutes"(depending on which pad you're boiling.) Typical "quick sale, you're getting a great deal technique."

They were expensive. They work, but the convenience of them, that they lead you to believe, is not worth it because they are NOT convenient! Live and learn. One lie was told. We asked where they are made. Answer "in the UK". Nope!!!! Imported by a UK company....from CHINA! Feeling like a fool, we fell for their sale tactics. :(

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $125

Don't waste your money.

Bought these at a trade show for $276.25. Fast talking boy sold me on the products for Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, back pain, and many other ailments. My husband is prone to all these and we were really looking forward to having a product we could use over and over again.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Right from the start, we were at a very cold trade show, tried the hand warmers to hopefully help warm us up. Literally, they felt super warm for about 15 minutes and then lukewarm for another 20. Should have been my first clue I got scammed.  

Got them home and did everything the salesperson suggested. First off, they don't stay hot very long. Second, a pain to use. Third, could't get them to liquefy again. Four, super heavy when cold and hard. And the real bummer, one started leaking at the seam all over my counter.

I could keep going with the reasons not to buy these. I have nothing good to say about this product. I am super disappointed. I went on their website, but of course there is no pone number to reach them. I sent an email on their contact page with my phone number, but no response came.

Do not buy these! They are a scam!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $276.25

Bought at a convention—pretty darn happy with them!


  • Instant heat, lasts for a decent amount of time. I’ve also taken a boiled pack directly out of water, wrapped it in a towel, and used it before reclicking to give extra long heat.
  • Stays cold longer than my current “bead” packs, makes more contact to help with hot/cold therapy.


  • It does take BOILING water to return them to useable state.
  • You need to manipulate the packs until the contents is clear.
  • If left foggy, they will not reset.

I was skeptical at first, but I went ahead and bought the shoulder pack, larger rectangle pack, and two hand packs. I had a friend who bought one as well since she had run a marathon and was sore.

I loved the instant heat (too bad they don’t have an insta-cold for summer for the mechanics I work with). She loved hers and it gave me hope. As soon as I went home I put them in the freezer (whoops! It’s supposed to be fridge!) so I ended up boiling it to reset it. (It does take a while for ALL of the solution to dissolve—if it’s foggy at all it will not reset!) but it wasn’t a problem. 

I love it that it holds heat for so much longer than my bead packs! 

Super Satisfied!!!


I have used bead packs from my chiropractor that don’t last long from either the beads breaking or the bag breaking. The contact isn’t very good with the beads. This product works loads better!

Source: bought it new

Stays warm for little time, needs boiling.


  • it warms your hands for a while
  • Funny to play with, entertains the kids for a little while, well...


  • Stays warm for little time
  • Needs to be boiled for 10-15 minutes
  • Sale representatives obviously lie

Same experience. They last only for half an hour and then need to be boiled for a couple of minutes (10-15). I also had the same experience with a seller who was lying directly. He stated that it is perfectly sufficient to put it in hot water for five minutes. I asked a few times if this is really true and he answered it is definitely true.

If you go skiing and use it to warm the kids' hands, it is actually for one use only in the day. If it was enough to put it in hot water, you could do it in a restaurant or a pub on a slope. But it is hardly possible to boil it there.

It is useful and fun to play with but these sale manners spoil the joy of it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 20 pounds for a box of 3, additionally 5 more added

Heat lasts 10 minutes, then the item turns into a brick. You then need to boil the item until it liquefies again, which takes about 30 minutes. Useless Item...


  • Looks cool


  • Doesn't Last
  • No customer support
  • Too much work

VERY disappointing. I bought mine at a trade show and was surprised by the effort needed to get the item back to its original state after use. I was also disappointed in the fact that it only remains hot for 15-20 minutes instead of the 3 hours I was told it is supposed to remain hot.

Finally, and most disappointing, is that the website offers no form of resolution. They state that they only distribute the product, they cannot help any customers unhappy with the product.

Don't waste your money.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

Worst purchase ever.


  • Instant heat


  • Everything else

I purchased ClickHeats (I am ashamed to say $300 worth) so a lot of hand warmers a couple of feet and shoulder ones and a couple of back one that go inside a holder to stay in place. So far out of them 10 hand ones, one foot one, and one shoulder/neck one will not (after placing it in bowling water) go back to the liquified state, and if it does, once I take it out of the water it becomes hard again with out clicking it.

Those are the only ones I have opened, so out of the ones I have opened 100% of them could not be used again. I purchase them at the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo on November 10, 2018. The credit card says BERKO PRODUCTIONS for $311.

I feel I got hustled. Please do not purchase these, unless you want a one time use for maybe 30-45 min (maybe).

Source: bought it new

Do not waste your money on this product. Very involved resetting process and length of time it stays hot for is no good!


  • Length of time the pack stays hot
  • Resetting process

Do not waste your money on this product. I recently purchased these for holiday gifts and the sales rep lied to my mother and I about the resetting process, stating that you simply just need to put it in a cup of warm water....never did he mention that the reality is that you must boil water in a pot with a towel on the bottom...much more involved that just a little warm water.

The sad part is, the company decided to stand by the lying sales rep and was not willing to give a refund for the false information given. 

Source: tried it in the store

BEWARE if you buy anything from Click Heaters they will take your money and run. They sell faulty products and claim they are non-refundable without actually telling you this. Do not support this business, they are a scam.


  • Nothing, if you dispute anything they will hang up on you and never call back


  • Everything, this company sells faulty products.

Paid over 600$ at a popup shop, to find the product to be faulty. They claimed they have a no refund fee and all shops have a sign.

THERE WAS NO SIGN, this was never brought to my attention or else I NEVER would’ve made the purchase. They are shady, and they will hang up on you if you dispute anything. 


Went to a pop up shop, bought a product for a little over 600$; it does not work. I called immediately after and couldn’t get through to anybody until days later. They claimed they have a no-refund policy, when in fact that was never made clear to me and there was no sign or paper anywhere stating this. Do not buy anything from this company, they are a scam, they handle your matters horribly, will take your money and run.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 600 +

Do not buy!!! I paid $107!!! Piece of @#@*...does not work, will not activate!!!

I want my money back and you can't even find a website or Facebook page to do that!!!! Bogus @#%*hole company! Do not buy from. Do not buy. Do not buy. Can I write below zero?!


  • None


  • Does not work
  • Does not work
  • Do not buy

Does not work, does not work, does not work. That is all. Do not buy. Very upset.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $107

This product is a complete scam. Heat lasts 20 minutes.


  • None


  • It’s a scam

There was a hidden sign that said no refunds. Within 20 minutes of buying the product we realized that it didn’t work and went back for a refund. The sweet salesperson turned into a monster immediately.

It was obvious that she gets lots of complaints almost immediately after selling the product. She was trained to be belligerent and threaten to call mall security in front of my 11-year-old daughter for no apparent reason. This was at the Danbury mall in Connecticut.

We did make a complaint to security and tomorrow management. I will let you know how it turns out. Luckily we only spent $20. However it is the principle of the scam that is so infuriating.

Source: bought it new

Don't WASTE your money—Scam!


  • Good idea IF it worked, but it doesn't!


  • Does not get cold enough in the fridge
  • Does not reheat again
  • Waste of money

DON'T waste your money—it is all a scam!! The ice pack you cannot put in the freezer, ONLY the fridge so it does not even get cold. Then the heat no longer works.

PLUS they lie. There is NO 10-year warranty. The minute I got home I had a feeling it was a scam. I read the reviews and they confirmed all the feelings I had. If the boat show was still going on today, I would drive all the back there and confront the sales guy.

How can he do this day after day knowing the product is garbage!?


I was excited when we first saw what the product could do, but now that we have not even had it 24 hours, I am realizing none of what it claims to do works!

Source: Boat Show at Boston expo

It's easy to use and reuse. Two of my handwarmers broke and it was very easy to contact customer service. They emailed me back right away and sent me replacements.


  • Easy to activate
  • Brings just enough heat to be comfortable


  • Heat doesn't last long

I purchased the handwarmers and feet warmers at an event I was at. When boiling the handwarmers, they actually burst. I was able to easily find their contact information and sent them an email. They replied within 24 hours and told me that they were sending me replacements. I got replacements a few days after that. I really do love the product. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50

It’s a rip0-off. I hope there’s a zero-star rating.


  • Very expensive
  • Not worth it

My daughter was ripped off almost 300 dollars. We were trying to get refund right away after purchasing  the products and didn’t even unpack the boxes yet. The most ridiculous thing is no refund. They claimed no refund policy on the back of receipt.

We would never know there’s no refund till the receipt was printed out. Yeah, they posted a 2x3 inches card with no return on the booth cart.The salesman never told customers till it’s too late.

Why there is no restriction for this kind of horrible company? This is the worst experience that I have ever had in my life. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $300

Bought at a trade show. Product was grossly misrepresented! Last 20 minutes, if that. They said up to 4 hours. They said you restore by placing in warm water. Reality is you have to complete boil in water for 8-10 minutes.


  • Looks neat when it reacts. That is it!


  • $30 for a grossly inadequate product and sold in a very dishonest manner! Stay clear!!!

Little to say other than this group misrepresents a product that leaves no impression other than a scam after you learn it does 5-10% of what they say it will do. Strongly advise against any purchases from this item or company.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30 for 3

Easy to use. Stays warm for awhile. Knew I’d have to boil it and I like to use it as a cold pad. Knew what I was getting into and don’t mind the product at all.


  • Stays warm
  • Stays cold
  • Easy to use


  • None

Great for home use, but not on the go. Couldn’t really ask for anything better.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $49.99

Terrible product, doesn’t work, and is potentially dangerous.

I had a horrible experience with this. I was trying to activate it and—I kid you not—it exploded and I got it all over myself.

I seriously hope this stuff isn’t toxic as you claim, cause I’m seriously scared it might damage my skin. It got dangerously close to my eye. I was outside and couldn’t even clean myself up for a good half an hour.

This is up there with the worst experiences of my life and I’m writing the review now that I cleaned myself up. I really hope I don’t have any side effects cause i’m seriously scared.

Do not buy.

Source: received it as a sample, freebie, or prize

Horrible company. They keep changing their names; it’s now called “The Wonder Pax.” Stupid name and evil people.


  • None


  • Wasted money

Nothing they said was true. You can feel the evilness as they celebrated a whopping $40 sale. Such a scam; they pretty much pressure you into buying it. They keep changing their names, from ClickHeat to now “The Wonder Pax.” Beware.


Nothing they said was true; the sales guy definitely had LMS little man syndrome.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $40

Seemed fascinating when “pitched” at the gun show. Was told that the heat would last for over an hour and to rejuvenate it just place it in some "warm" water for a few minutes. Neither are true. My old solid fuel hand warmers were far superior. Interesting yet disappointing.


Many years experience with solid fuel hand warmers over 40 years, 15-20 years experience with liquid fuel hand warmers. This was my first experience with this type of product.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $15 for two hand warmers.

Waste of money. Don't get sucked in.


  • None


  • Too much work to make worthwhile

I bought the shoulder size at a trade show. It was solid when I took it out of the box so right away I had to boil it. It leaked! So now I don't know if it's safe to use that pan or not. $100 pan, it's probably trash.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $35

Complete waste of money! Do not buy these from the slick gimmick sellers as I did at the IX Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Complete waste!


  • NONE


  • It heats, but only for 10-15 minutes do you have warmth. What a waste of time!

Just threw in fire pit....gonna see what color happens.


Teaches you to check reviews on your cell phone first and NOT believe the marketing seller! Did this recently at a discount store where we buy in bulk. They had a seller there giving demonstrations on how his product worked. I stepped aside and Google his wares, the reviews were terrible! I do this all the time now, and on the side I show the reviews to the seller. Seller then turns off our talk and goes to the bathroom.

Source: IX Center in Cleveland Ohio



  • None


  • Does not stay warm very long and does not get very hot
  • Overpriced

Product does not work very well. Hand warmers don't stay warm for more than 10 minutes and don't get very hot at that. I boiled  the hand warmers to liquify again and after boiling hand warmers stayed hot a lot longer liquefied then when you actually use the product.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $70

Terrible , ClickHeat's a scam—all of their products don’t work. If I could give no star I would.


  • The first use is brilliant


  • The reusing causes it to leak or overcook to the point the salts don’t work. And when it leaks onto a cloth it burns and creates a hard substance. It’s just a bad product.

Terrible company with terrible products.


It’s terrible.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: €60

Stayed hot for less than 30 minutes, then I carried a cold pack around. Horrible.


  • None


  • Didn't work

Stayed hot less than 30 minutes. Horrible.


Hot hands are wonderful

Source: bought it new

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