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Coghlan's Store 'N Pour Contain-Alls

photo: Coghlan's Store 'N Pour Contain-Alls storage container


Price Historic Range: $5.29-$6.99
Reviewers Paid: $6.99
Includes 1 - 4 oz / 120 ml bottle, 2 - 2 oz / 60 ml bottles, 2 - 1 oz / 30 ml bottles and 2 - 1/2 oz / 15 ml polycon containers


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A collection of small containers perfect for carrying small portions rather than full containers. Five bottles, two with flip spouts, plus two round containers with snap lids.


  • Secure storage with no leaks
  • Durable
  • Small and light
  • Interchangeable caps


  • May retain odors or discolor if abused

Came across this today while picking up some fishing line and decided to add a second set of these to the family inventory. I've been using the first set for six years now and it is still in use. Just wanted to get some more for the girls to use this summer. These things have an endless number of uses depending on what you find useful to bring along on a trip.

Construction & Durability:

Made from a food safe, pharmaceutical grade plastic and BPA free these containers are definitely durable. No amount of abuse over the years has managed to poke through the exterior and lids remain tight and waterproof. The bottles feel sturdy to the touch but squeeze easily allowing pressure to be controlled when using the spout top.


The 2 fluid ounce bottles come equipped with flip up, dispenser style caps. These caps are totally interchangeable with the other sized bottles so you can fit the one that makes sense depending on contents. The combined weight of cap and bottle is 13g/.5oz.

The 1 fluid ounce bottles have the standard cap and weigh just 7g/.2oz on my scale.

The big 4 fluid ounce bottle also has a standard cap and weighs in at 14g/.5oz. Remember the caps can be swapped to fit your needs.

The two snap lidded containers each hold .5 fluid ounce. The lids are connected by a tab so they don't get lost. This size and shape worked well with cooking herbs and boot grease, but I didn't test them at the same time.

Testing Conditions:

One or more of these containers has been along on just about every single one of my trips over the last six years. They have been used in all four seasons here in New England for backpacking trips and car camping expeditions in the NE and cross country. Containers were used for holding liquids such as alcohol for fuel and olive oil, lotions and creams like sunscreen and chafing protection, plus dry cooking supplies like salt and pepper or the herb blend I carry for cooking fresh caught trout and salmon.


Coghlan's is a great source for some random items that can be really useful. Most are geared more towards car camping due to weight and size, but these containers are small and light enough to be carried by even moderate gram weenies. They definitely have been useful over the years and have never failed me in any fashion. I have failed them a few times by leaving stuff in them for months or years. My experience there showed that smells may be retained but the plastic did not seemed damaged in any way. Long term exposures have been to sunscreen, olive oil, and hot sauce. The hot sauce also left a bit of reddish color. A little more care and these things would be pretty much indestructible.

Bottom line is these things are cheap and functional for carrying small amounts of stuff rather than full containers of lotion, sunscreen, etc or for carrying the little things that make a trip better like syrup for your pancakes!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $6.99


What is the volume of the snap top containers? I need ca. 4 oz containers for pesto or peanut sauce, but these look too small and they must be leakproof. Just thought I'd ask...

3 years ago

Thanks for pointing out the omission BR. Seems I forgot to post the last picture or talk about those tiny pill box containers. I've updated the review. The big bottle in this kit is 4 oz. Coughlan's may sell that as a stand alone item and the screw top is definitely leakproof.

3 years ago

Red you might also want to take a look at these tubes I reviewed a while back. These folks have 4oz tubes available on their web site of the same design as the smaller tubes in this review. I just didn't review that size :) Only challenge is getting stuff inside, but it won't leak and squeezes out pretty easy.

3 years ago

Nice review, LS! Thanks for taking the time to share these.

3 years ago
David Williams

I have seen these and have been interested for purposes like soy sauce and Thai garlic/chilis in oil. I am not convinced they would not leak though. Nalgene sells similar sized containers but they sell individually and the shipping is prohibitive. They also do not appear to be squeezable.

3 years ago

I'm also never convinced a container won't leak David :) I wrap each one, both these bottles and the Easy Traveler tubes mentioned above, with individual zip bags. Leaks have been rare over years of hard use, but better safe than sorry!

3 years ago
David Williams

Yes, trust but verify. Indeed. I have had some near catastrophic leakage, thankfully largely contained by a plastic bag but on occasion, the bag has failed too, although the mess was less severe than would have been the case otherwise. Double bag and put that into the day's food bag.

3 years ago
David Williams

I just picked up a batch of these at an Army/Navy store that handles some backpacking stuff. I also found in my gear storage an unused pair of what were once known as Gerry Tubes for peanut butter, jam and butter (although I am no longer carrying much butter). Where I will found replacements (they generally last one season) is a mystery.

3 years ago
David Williams

Hey...a thought! I could go to the Dollar Store and get a bottle of saline nasal spray, discard the contents and use for an easy dispensing soy container, at least for the couple or three days I might be out.

3 years ago

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