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Coleman Solo Cook Kit

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The Solo Cook Kit has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best pots and pans for 2024.

photo: Coleman Solo Cook Kit pot/pan

So I picked this up on a whim one day and thought it might be a good two pot system for cooking on stoves and coals.  If it got too messed up I wouldn't be out too much bread and if it worked I would consider it a victory in purchase power.  

The overall weight, including sack is 15 7/8 oz. The small pot (20oz.) and pan (12oz.) weigh in at 7 oz.  The large pot (32oz.) and pan (16oz.) come in at 8 1/8 oz.  Yikes, it's a tad on the heavy side for both, but what it lacks in weight it makes up for in cooking ability.  

The pots are made of hard anodized aluminum, a surface that conducts heat well, and evenly. They come in a matte black finish, and have measurement labels cast on the inside of the pots.

These pots are amazingly strong, and well made for the price. The large pot is big enough to nest a large Snow Peak canister, and the small pot nests a small canister comfortably.  My Snow Peak gigapower nests inside both, with or without the case.

Cooking with the pots are a joy, once warm they require very little heat for simmering, and if you cook like I do that's important.  If I have a fire, complex gourmet trail cooking is a breeze with this set.  

If you want a classic meal like linguine with sauté garlic and olive oil, I recommend boiling the water in the large pot and using the small pan to sauté the garlic in extra virgin olive oil over coals. Use the small pot to act as a mug and drain the semolina water into the small pot using the large lid, inverted over the large pot and presto, you have hot water for tea, or hot coca.  Add a little shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, some cracked pepper and you're molto bella.  

Frying a large or jumbo egg in the large pan provides the perfect surface area for an english muffin, just use a little oil or butter on the pan and the egg is real easy to manage.


If all you are interested in is boiling water, this set might be a little on the heavy side. That said, I have taken only the small pot and stuff sack with me on occasion and they have served me well. The pots won't bend and warp when hot like titanium, and the folding handles are long enough to stay cool when simmering and boiling.  

My Snow Peak 450 Double wall mug nests inside the small pot perfectly, although you'll have to pack the canister separately.  One thing to consider is that cleaning can be somewhat tedious, due to the raised measurements on the inside of the pots.  Getting in between those zeros is a little less than tricky.

Overall, I find that these pots and pans work well in the backcountry, whether you are boiling water or going gourmet you'll find an ease of use, relatively inexpensive and more importantly they provide a uniform cooking surface that efficiently accepts heat and cleans relatively easy.  

Try it for yourself, if you don't like it you won't be out too much cheddar.

Price Paid: $23.89 + Tax

I recently purchased this cook set for both small group camping and solo camping. The set comes with 2 pots and 2 lids. The large pot shows 24 ounces on the graduated line, however 32 ounces measures to the pot's top curved edge. The large pan/ lid covering is 16 ounces to the top edge.

The small pot shows 16 ounces on the graduated line, however 20 ounces measures to the pot's top curved edge. The small pan/ lid covering is 12 ounces to the top edge.

I used the Coleman Feather 442 to cook on. The pot's anodized exterior worked and looked good. The metal seemed to hold an even heat transfer. The lids work great with small baking/ frying. The large pot worked great to cook chili and soups in. The small pot worked great to make coffee with.

I used this set for a small group and I was pleased with the set. Coleman made a good cook set for the price.

The Coleman Feather 442 actually will rest inside the large pot with lid closed. I also have a Brunton Bantam Liquid Stove that will rest inside the small pot with lid closed.

The handles did not get hot from the flames and I could easily pick up the pots and/ or lids without burning my hands.

I will be trying this cook set out on my alcohol stoves next.

I like the compactness and lightweight material. Coleman seems to have a good competition with other cookware manufacturers when it comes to outdoor equipment.

Price Paid: $28.40

It is an outstanding set. The black anodized finish holds up well. Yeah, it heats well and I'm not afraid of crushing it by accident by misspacking. I work with Boy Scouts and I would even let them use it without much fear of it being destroyed. I use it with my alcohol stove and can boil water in about 5 minutes depending upon altitude and temperature.


  • I want more of them, in fact I would like a supply of them.


  • Coleman in its infinite wisdom has quit making it.

I enjoy this a great deal. It is versatile strong and does good work. I even enjoy the appearance of the black anodized surface. Holds up well, absorbs heat well, and the thing cooks evenly and does well.

My only complaint with it is that Coleman has quit making them, and I want more of them—quite a few more.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: about $23 as I recall

If you are looking for a simple inexpensive anodized aluminum cookset, you can't go wrong with this kit.  I think that you have to look at the kit as two independent sets. 

The smaller pot and fry pan make a great pot and bowl set up for a lightweight overnighter or 2 day trip.  It can accommodate the small butane fuel canisters made by Jetboil, so you can pair this set with a small canister stove and fuel canister all in one.

The larger pot and fry pan are better if you are taking one pot for two people, and can accommodate most of the larger butane fuel canisters so it might be a better option for an extended trip. 

Both sets are reasonably light weight and durable for what you are getting. Optimus sells two similar sets and if you check the prices, this set is cheaper than buying their least expensive pot and pan set.  I believe that they are made by the same factory in China as well. 

This set used to be more widely available (I bought mine from Campmor) but it appears that it is now a straight to Walmart product.  Either way, it makes a great set when cost and versatility are key requirements. 

Price Paid: $19.99

I agree, I got my set at a Walmart for under $25. I figured if it was a piece of crap... I would not be out to much money. I was pleasantly surprised! And I have used it now for two years!

When I am backpacking I nest a cannister in the large pot, and carry a PocketRocket on top. I then carry it all in the provided mesh bag. If I'm on a day hike and want coffee, I take the smaller pot with my alcohol stove.

Great kit for the money! Oh and by the way the set is very durable.

Price Paid: $25

I also pick up one of these sets to replace an old soft aluminum set I've had for years.

Seems like good quality for the money. They're available at Walmarts everywhere.

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