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Columbia Omni-Heat Sleeping Bag Liner

photo: Columbia Omni-Heat Sleeping Bag Liner sleeping bag liner


Price Historic Range: $77.95-$99.00
Reviewers Paid: $45.00


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Magical little silver dots in a lightweight package in a 10 oz. large grapefruit package promise added warmth. And those little silver dots pretty much deliver as advertised. In my last overnighter I was comfortable at 55° using a 40° under quilt in my hammock.


  • Compact
  • Mid-weight
  • Extend the temp range of a bag or top quilt


  • Price
  • Possible closeout

After a little experimentation I'm pretty convinced that those little silver dots are a welcome addition to the bag liner. I really hate to perspire while I sleep. It makes for a long night that usually ends around 4:30 for me and makes the morning somewhat less enjoyable, at least until I'm up and around for a while. So the breathable nature of this liner really helps with that and those little silver dots appear to do a nice job of adding warmth to the simple sleeve of cloth.

Since it is a sleeve it is not as hammock friendly as I would like and this fall I plan on modifying the liner by cutting a horizontal slit across the bottom of the bag similar to what Therm-a-Rest did with its Haven bag.

I really like the idea of a 50° ultra light down top quilt, but the $200 price tag sure tempers its appeal. I also like the idea of a 10° top quilt for cold weather but that $270 sure makes it a little less appealing. But I still like getting out when the temp are in the in the high as 70° and low as 15°. This cost cutting nature is what lead me to the proclaimed magic of those mysterious little silver dots. I've also noticed the liner adds 10° easily to my Under Ground Quilts 40° Flight Jacket with a couple of ounces of overstuff 850 HyperDRY down.

All by themselves those little silver dots kept me warm to around 55° on a recent overnight with a 40° Wilderness Logics SSUQ, add a 2 - 3 oz diy ripstop sheet with a sewn foot box and that temp range can easily be extended. And when I found the magic dot liner on sale last winter for $45 the dots seem more than worth the price. Now there are a number off sources that one can find the Omni-Heat liner on sale in the $50 range so the appeal of the silver dots has improved. However their availability is not and it appears that the product has been discontinued and is on the Columbia website for $55 now. 

IF you are looking to add a little warmth to your current setup or are in the market for a warm weather solution at the current closeout prices I simply don't see how you can go wrong with the silver dots Columbia proclaims as magical. 

Google Columbia Omni-Heat Sleeping Bag Liner for pics and current deals while they last. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $45


I admit to being skeptical about how well those little silver dots work. Thanks for letting us know, dirtwheels.

7 years ago

Dude, I've tried sleeping in a zipped up sleeping bag in a hammock. Never again! I still use bags; I just drape them over me.

7 years ago

AM, yeah I was too but when it was priced equal to the sea to summit reactor it was hard not to give it a try. I like new tech and find the dots to make the liner much warmer than the reactor which is advertised to give a 15* boost. There is no way I could be comfortable in a hammock at 55* with just a reactor. I will be adding some of their other omni-heat products to my gear closet soon.

7 years ago

Goose, I under stand the problems associated with the bags in hammocks, still I find that it only take a minute to get situated and when it's really cold it really does appear to add a little warmth to be enclosed with the hood cinched snug. I still use an REI 15* down mummy bag when it gets cold, and if really cold I wriggle around and zip it up. I can't bring myself to mod that bag. But I do plan on modding the liner to function like the Thermareast Haven which appears to be a very hammock friendly bag if you can get past the problem of getting your arms out to access things on the RL.

7 years ago

Thanks for the helpful review, dirtwheels!

7 years ago

You are most welcome Ashleigh.

7 years ago

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