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3 Watt Zoom Ultra Bright Headlamp

rated 5 of 5 stars A great , small, affordable headlamp that really lights up the subject in a zoomable, focusing beam! Uses regular AAA batteries — and keeps on going and going and... The 50% setting is plenty of light to read by and for normal chores. Price is about one-quarter of name-brand equals. After being "outshined" on a backpacking trip — trying to see what was going "bump" up in the dark forest, I started shopping for a headlamp like my companion had. I wasn't ready to plunk down almost $50 for the… Full review

3 Watt Zoom Ultra Bright Headlamp

rated 5 of 5 stars Very bright. You can buy these with varying Lumens. Mine was advertised at 300 Lumens and it lives up to its brightness. Mine has Hi, Lo, strobe. The telescoping lens makes for a very pointed beam or more spread out. With new batteries on Hi, its almost too bright when working on something right in front of you. (I got mine on ebay.) Full review

3 Watt Zoom Ultra Bright Headlamp

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I have been a slow to adopt LED light technology because I found LEDs either too dim or that the narrow spectrum of light emitted made the terrain appear flat, making it difficult to trek cross country.  The sheer brightness of this light makes it the best compact light I have used for night travel. Comparing it with other lamps it appears slightly brighter than a 200 lumen flash light (vehicle headlights are 600 – 1300 lumens).  The batteries last long enough for typical use over a weekend… Full review

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