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Custom Woolen Mills Extra Thick 100% Wool Ankle Socks

photo: Custom Woolen Mills Extra Thick 100% Wool Ankle Socks snowsport sock


Price MSRP: $19.00
Reviewers Paid: $20.00


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These wool socks are terrifically warm and cushion-y inside rubber boots or winter boots. They're like a favourite sweater made for your feet! Highly recommended for camping or snow sports of any kind. Farmers and construction workers love these socks.


  • 100% wool = warm even when wet
  • Tough springy knit lasts better than cheap socks
  • Wool stinks less than man-made fibres when sweaty


  • Some people are allergic to wool
  • $20 a pair is not cheap

These are the best warm winter socks I have found. I give them as gifts and they are welcomed by my spouse, son, and construction workers and farmers living on the Canadian prairies, where winters routinely reach -30° and -40° (same in Celsius and Farenheit degrees).

Custom Woolen Mills makes them. Check them out at While it's fun to wander around their website learning about wool, I'll sum the important stuff up here for you.

  • The yarn is tough but not scratchy. These socks don't need to be broken in, and they stay comfy and warm even after lots of wearing and washing.
  • These socks don't need to be washed as often as non-wool or half-wool socks. They're still warm even when sweaty and they stink way, way less than commercial non-wool socks. When I take off my boots I hang up my socks to air-dry, then wear them again, especially while camping.
  • These socks are almost like handmade socks knitted by an expert, not like cheap work socks. When my husband managed to wear a hole in a sock after two winters, it was easy to mend the hole before it could fray. He likes to wear these socks as slippers.
  • Though some people are allergic to wool, about half of those people aren't allergic to the wool used by Custom Woolen Mills because it is washed with gentle soap that doesn't bring up all the rough scratchy scales on the wool fibres. (Big commercial mills use harsh detergents that make the wool fibres rough and scratchy.)
  • These socks are made for rather slim people. My husband turns down the top of the sock, but our son is a leaner man and wears his socks pulled up all the way. I am short and plump with fat calves, so I wear the Ankle Socks rather than the regular style.

I'm buying more pairs to give as presents.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $20


I LOVE heavy wool socks. LL Bean sells a 2-pack for $20 (use to be a 3-pack). Really good socks.

5 years ago

Nice review, Paula. Thanks for letting us know about these wool socks.

5 years ago
Paula Johanson BRAND REP MEDIA

I went to visit Custom Woolen Mills, and toured their equipment. Fascinating place with old-fashioned machines that make wool quilting batts and great yarn for knitting, as well as the wonderful socks. Their website is good, and their deliveries are reliable.

5 years ago

That sounds like a fun field trip!

5 years ago
Paula Johanson BRAND REP MEDIA

It was! I loved exploring this sustainable and ethical business in person and on their website. They're a good employer operating near a small town, and very careful to keep the tiny river clean of pollution. I don't mind paying for good products, good business, and sensible tech!

5 years ago

Thanks for telling us more about them, Paula.

5 years ago

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