Danner Nubuc and Suede Waterproofing Spray

photo: Danner Nubuc and Suede Waterproofing Spray footwear cleaner/treatment
Backcountry.com says:
You love the feel of your new suede boots, and hey, they look pretty snazzy too. The only issue is they're so comfortable you don't want to have to take them off when things get wet outside. No worries. Danner's got you covered with its waterproofing spray that is specifically formulated to protect suede and nubuck. So go ahead, embrace your inner child and stomp those puddles. Just make sure you've used the Danner Waterproofing Spray first.


Price MSRP: $11.00
Current Retail: $13.00
Historic Range: $12.95-$13.00


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