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Deuter AC Lite 25

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The AC Lite 25 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best daypacks for 2023.

photo: Deuter AC Lite 25 daypack (under 35l)

I've had mine for two or three years and given it lots of use. I cannot think of anything wrong with it. It has held up nicely under treatment that has not been gentle. It has roughly the represented carrying capacity. I'm an average proportioned 165-pound, 6-foot-one man. It's comfortable. I don't really noticed the air circulation in the back as being helpful, but I also don't notice it pulling my center of gravity back either, and it certainly couldn't make summer hiking hotter. So I recommend it.

I hate zipper book bags. I realize they don't usually come open, but they make me worry about that since I cannot see if I'm leaving a trail of gear behind me. Top-loading rucksacks like this are few in number so the choices are limited. If I saw something I liked better, I'd buy it, and for at least three years, that hasn't happened.

I've used it for three-season overnight hikes. It's a great spring-through-fall heavy day rucksack. Gear manufacturers would call me a minimalist, but I don't consider myself one. I carry all the usual stuff over night except maybe a stove. If I'm just out for one or two nights, I'll live on ready-to-eat food. I have a smaller bag just big enough for bladder, sandwich and jacket that cynches down tightly that I use for day hikes in spring through fall. I can jog with that pack but not with the Deuter AC Lite 25.

The Deuter AC lite 25 does not cinch down. So I would not recommend it for someone who wants a really light load that he can jog in. Otherwise it's perfect for winter day hikes, overnight spring through fall hikes, or spring-through-fall day hikes where you might have to carry more than a sandwich, camera, and jacket.

Design: Top loading, internal frame
Size: as specified
Height of Owner: 6'1"

This is a small daypack/cycling/running pack. The backsystem is very comfortable and sweat-free -- but at the cost of having a rather odd curved sack that's deceptively small. The pack has excellent bungee cord strapping on the front and a good water bladder pocket. It's very lighweight, and is comfortable even when loaded.

If they make a 30 or 35 litre version, I'd go for that, but with good use of the bungee mesh and exterior side pockets, It makes a good, comfortable daysack.

My only reservations are that the very lightweight construction doesn't seem ultra-strong - and that because it's a framed pack it's hard to get into your main pack easily.

Size: 25l
Height of Owner: 6'0"
Price Paid: £50

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