Great multi-purpose passive pro. The DMM Wallnut is…

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Great multi-purpose passive pro.


  • Good sizing
  • Clear colours
  • Groove in middle
  • More complex shape


  • Expensive
  • Small sizes run large

The DMM Wallnut is a superb nut for nearly all types of climbing. I've used these in gneiss, granite, and limestone.

The thing that sets the Wallnuts apart is a longer shape, that tapers differently with the sides being more offset. This results in a variety of more useful placements. Practically speaking these offer more secure fits in a lot of spots compared to simpler nuts. I've got a set of BD/Grand Wall nuts I have compared them with side by side. 

The other perk is that the Wallnuts have a deep groove in the middle. This has a significant benefit especially in granite where this allows the nut to be placed despite awkward crystals, or even use small bumps as a means to stop the nuts walking. It's one of those things that until you have it seems frivolous but then feels disappointing whenever a tool doesn't have that feature.

They are a little pricey and it's a piece you seldom want to leave behind. Also the smallest size is still pretty big.


Thanks for the review, Tam! Got any pictures of these to see for comparison?

1 year ago

Best stoppers on the market. Really. Great placement,…

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Best stoppers on the market. Really. Great placement, retrievable.

Use 'em enough you'll see the difference.