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ECO Stainless Pure Filter Bottle

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The ECO Stainless Pure Filter definitely works the way it says, but the only issue I had with it was that the water that was filtered had a funky taste to it, but I think it is just because it is new and I just need to break it in. Also as I drank from it i thought I could feel almost sand like peices flowing throughout my mouth. It was the active carbon used in the filter. I guess it's just again because it's brand new and needs to be broken in. Other than that I love this product and would recommend… Full review

Travel Tap

rated 5 of 5 stars 5 stars, but if you're in the UK hills, you could leave home without it — you just might have to carry more water if passing through farmland etc. Filter and drink as you go (and save on bottled water in towns) in the hills, especially if you are afraid of drinking bugs. We usually just drink from mountain streams in the UK but decided to try this in the developed areas we were passing through and it weighs only a bit more than a bottle. The advantage in our situation was that we didn't have to… Full review

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