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Maximum Protection Trail Running Sock

rated 5 of 5 stars Superb, all I can say. Bought three pair from the local sports shop and got one pair free. They are cool in winter and toes tingle slightly but no blisters, I wear them all day, approx 9 hours in running shoes. Feet don't smell. They wear very well with no sign of any wear after 10 months. I average approx 50km a week walking and 35km per week running—totals approx 4,000km for the year, testimony to itself. Comfy in running shoes in all weather conditions. Fit: Fit as noted on packaging. Comfort: Extremely… Full review

Maximum Protection Trail Running Sock

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Took my Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Running Socks for a long trail run on The Appalachian Trail across the Cumberland Valley in Pa. It was a beautiful sunny/warm day for January in Pennsylvania so I planned a mostly flat long slow run with a climb to start it amd finish it. I spent all day, 7+ hours over 32+ miles in my Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Running Socks and my feet thank me for the choice. Snowfall just prior to a thaw results in muddy wet conditions and the Drymax Maximum Protection… Full review

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