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Dutchware Folding Sit Pad

photo: Dutchware Folding Sit Pad closed-cell foam sleeping pad


Price MSRP: $6.75
Reviewers Paid: $6.75
Weight 17.75 g
Dimensions 15 x 11 x .19 in


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The Dutchware Gear folding sit pad is ultra lightweight, durable, multi-use, and cheap. It provides a lot of basic functionality -- at this weight, size, and price there’s no reason to not carry one.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Durable
  • Multi-use for comfort and insulation needs
  • Cheap
  • Packs small


  • None

This is a review of the Dutchware Gear folding sit pad. Dutchware sells mostly accessories for camping but also offers a limited selection of shelters, tarps, quilts, and hammocks. I am not affiliated with Dutchware Gear in any way.

For the sit pad I paid the current price of $6.75+shipping. Product found at:

This is a great piece of gear that checks off many boxes. It’s ultra lightweight, durable multi-use, and cheap. It weighs only two-thirds of an ounce (about 18 grams, less than the weight of four nickels). It unfolds to an accommodating 15x11" inches but folded up it’s just 7.5x5.75".

It’s made of closed-cell foam so it won’t absorb water and is pretty durable — even if you nick it here and there you won’t affect the functionality. The foam is 0.2" thick, but it’s made in an eggshell pattern of dips and peaks that gives it a feel of more cushion than you might expect from such a thin piece of foam.

Make no mistake, though, this is not a luxurious, cushy pad. It’s pretty minimalist in giving your butt and knees (and pants) protection and adding insulating warmth where needed. Color is listed as black, in reality it’s a dull gray.

I stick it in the front mesh pocket of my pack to have handy. It can be used many ways: 

  • Sit pad for rest stops
  • Knee pad for kneeling to get water, dig a cat hole, etc
  • Doormat outside your shelter
  • Set your pack on it at rest stops and at night in your shelter’s vestibule to protect your pack from abrasion and mud
  • Pillow
  • Supplemental sleep insulation – put it inside the foot end of your sleeping bag or quilt to keep your feet warm, pair it with a torso-length pad to extend your ground insulation length, or supplement any cold spot in your sleep system

Not much more to say. It provides a lot of basic functionality, and at this weight, size and price there’s no reason to not carry one. Oh, I can add that shipping is pretty low-priced as well, I bought two of these sit pads along with a few other accessories and my shipping was under $2.50 for the whole order.

Folded size – next to a standard CD jewel box for comparison:


And unfolded:

Here is the thickness folded and unfolded:
Using it as doormat, saves my knees (and my pants) getting in and out of the shelter:

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $6.75 +ship


Great review. Everything I have bought from Dutch has been outstanding.

5 years ago

I have been using a piece of reflectix in the winter and a square of old foam pad in the warmer months. This seems like a great idea for a really good price.

5 years ago

Oops...hit enter before I typed a question...what is the lowest temp you have used the pad and did it still insulate? I am thinking of my recent trip in 10 degree were cold and I needed my reflectix. Thanks.

5 years ago

Hey Phil, I've used it as a sit pad down into the 30s, maybe high 20s, but generally I don't face anything colder than that. Sometimes I fold it once so that is is full width but only half the depth, this doubles the foam under my butt bones to provide more cushion and doubles the insulation.Reflectix will work well as an insulator but can get torn up pretty easily sitting on it on rocks. You could use this sit pad *and* some reflectix to provide some really decent insulation, and the pad will protect the reflectix from abrading on rocks/logs.

5 years ago
denis daly

How long have you had this as part of your gear? Like to know if where it folds will blow out...

5 years ago

I've had it about a year, no issues with the folds. It may be hard to tell, it shows best in the stock photo that TS put at the top right of this page, but the pad is designed to accommodate the folding. You can see in the photo that there is a broad area in the middle of the lower half that does not have the egg-crate bumps to it, this is where the last fold occurs and that flat part is "hinged" on either side of it, so that it folds like the spine of a book. In other words, it's designed to fold for the thickness it has, there is no extra stress on the fold joints. Hope that makes sense.

5 years ago

Yeah. I replace the reflectix pretty often and regularly use it on top of a camp chair or other pad. I like the idea of reducing the weight with this on longer trips when I might leave my luxury of a chair behind. Thanks for the feedback. Merry Christmas.

5 years ago
denis daly

Totally makes sense JR. Thanks for doing a review on this and making us aware of it..I was looking at a Z rest but this is cheaper and seems just as good...

5 years ago

Denis, this is definitely thinner than the Z, it's a tiny bit smaller as well but mainly it's the thickness you will notice as the difference between these. If you want more padding and comfort then you may be better off with the Z, but if you want minimalist protection and a little bit of insulation then the Dutchware will do it. And if you're just curious about the Dutchware you can't really go wrong at this price.

5 years ago
Dick Burkhart

This sounds similar to the Therm-a-Rest Z-seat. I've gone through 2 of these over the years: They are fine when new but begin to wear thin after a year or two, depending on usage. I now use the "Adventure Seat", size large (11' x 16", smaller sizes available). It weighs more (4.9 oz) but is still light weight and is extremely durable with high insulation value (R4), also water repellent. I fold it in half for compact storage, but normally I wear it in place by slipping my belt through its 2 belt loops, which I sewed on myself using a sewing awl and some nylon webbing (3/4" wide by 8" long loops). This way I can sit down anywhere, anytime, even in snow, which I did 10 days ago on a ski tour. I get lots of stares, then light bulbs going off.

5 years ago

Dick, the Adventure Seat and the Dutchware pad aren't comparable. Sure the AS will be more durable and provides more insulation, it weighs more than seven of the Dutchware pads. If you want one pad that lasts for years and you don't mind carrying the weight then the AS could be a good choice. For an ultralighter like me that's just too much weight, and the Dutchware might eventually wear out but it's been holding up very well for me so far.

5 years ago
Dick Burkhart

I go ultra light too, though perhaps not as much as you. 15 lb base weight. The point is, I normally wear it and don't notice the marginal weight difference.

5 years ago
denis daly

JR i just ordered one..Couldn't beat the price and I'll see how it goes..Future gear review after a year with it...Thanks for posting a review...

5 years ago

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