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Eagles Nest Outfitters Twilights

rated 3.0 of 5 stars
photo: Eagles Nest Outfitters Twilights light

While not a replacement for any flashlight, this makes a great atmosphere piece for your tent or hammock in the backyard or backcountry.


  • Fun item for personal or family use
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Not as bright
  • Possible misnomer of "battery-powered lantern"
  • Pricey.

I received the plain colored lights as a gift in the fall. As I said in my summary, this shouldn't be a replacement for a flashlight or headlamp, but it is a fun extra for your trip. I should stress this part too. If I am going down my list of items to bring, I'll have my headlamp before my lights.

An example of when I've used this was on a trip with three other guys. We were playing cards as the sun was setting and wanted to keep going. We all squeezed sitting into a three-man REI tent and hung these lights from end to end above us. While the light wasn't super bright (a con for this purpose...though it's not really a lantern, just basic wide area illuminator in my opinion) it was enough for us to play cards.

You could imagine how this would have turned out with headlamps, as soon as someone looked up it'd blind the person across or over illuminate where the viewer was looking. Nevertheless, when considered individually, each light is brighter than expected from a small LED.

Overall, the example above is the best use for these lights. If you don't want to blind others while looking around or have a super bright focus on a certain area, these work well. I have also kept the lights in a tighter area and been able to read a book.

I cannot speak for the burn time or battery time over an extended period, but I've used one pair of the 2 AA batteries for about 4-5 trips totaling perhaps 12 hours. There are no other modes such as blink, it's simply on and off.  

When wrapped up and put into the small carrying case, it would be no heavier than a very small flashlight. No worries on weight there. As for construction and durability, the case seems like it can take an aggressive time in a pack and on the ground while still protecting the lights and battery compartment. The battery compartment is pretty basic with it's electronics around plastic. Easy on this and its battery cover, a 3-4ft drop and something may crack. 

These lights are something fun for the family or addition that makes a well-rounded, relaxed camping environment. I'd recommend, but wouldn't substitute for my headlamp or flashlight for purposes of night navigation or emergency beacon/light.

See the size of the case below, it can make a great case for a phone or gps if needed too.


Source: received it as a personal gift

ENO Twilight LED Lights are a great asset to any campsite! They are very versatile and can surprisingly be hung just about anywhere. I never camp without them.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Very simple to operate
  • Two color options (white and multi color)
  • Comes with a protective case that can attach to your pack


  • Not quite as bright as I'd like
  • No option to dim or brighten

ENO Twilights are one piece of gear that I never leave behind. Weighing in at only 4oz, there is almost no excuse to leave them at home. They brighten up any campsite! Twilights are a 10 ft strand of 23 LED lights that are run by two AA batteries. They run for up to 72 continuous hours on the two batteries. These lights are incredibly easy to operate because they are operated by one single "on/off" switch.


Protective case


I LOVE how versatile these lights are. You can string them on your tent poles, from the loops inside your tent, in between two trees, in between two trekking poles that you stick in the ground, in between two packs sitting upright...or my favorite place to hang them...

I love this feature because you can have the lights on your front door wreath without them getting in the way of door operation!



I've had these for about six months now and they have been used on every trip that I've taken them on. I can't say how they are affected by weather, because I haven't really exposed them to any.

ENO Twilights make the perfect stocking stuffer for any backpacker!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $19.95

These lights are a great idea, and I actually love them, but they could have been built better. They are not very high quality and, in my opinion, overpriced.


  • String perfectly across hammock
  • Pack up small
  • Lightweight
  • Bright


  • Low quality
  • Not durable

This was a product that when I saw it, I just HAD to have it. I love the idea and I actually love having them strung across my hammock. They come in handy when trying to get settled in the hammock or just hanging out.

These lights are very low quality though. Mine tore in half by someone barely tugging on them, so I ended up having to fix them with electrical tape. 

I have the older version of these with the square battery casing (I think they have a newer version with a circular battery casing) and the casing seems to be very flimsy. Maybe they have improved the quality since then. 

I do love how these lights string right up from one end of the hammock to another. And I like how it helps maneuvering around the hammock a whole lot easier.

These lights are not meant to light up a whole campsite, but they definitely help seeing things right around your hammock. Not to mention, that all of your friends will be jealous because you have the hammock with the really cool looking lights hanging above it!

If you can find a really good deal on these, I would say that they are worth buying, but I would not pay the suggested retail that ENO has on their website. 

Source: bought it new

Bring the party to the campsite.


  • Brighter than I thought
  • Very versatile
  • Last three days


  • Little overpriced

ENO Twilights add fun to any campsite. I string them along my hammock or outline my tent door with them.  While not enough light to read by, they do add enough light to make navigating a dark campsite easy.

I have the clear lights which have more functionality than the colored lights.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $14.98

Overpriced and other similar products are available, for less money.


  • Overpriced

I do not own this product, but I have bought similar ones from Big Lots for $5 and they seem to do just a well for one quarter the price. I think any battery powered Christmas lights would work. I do find the LED strings to be great when camping.  I have used both white and colored sets.  After Christmas they will be discounted 25-50%. 

If you can get it on sale, get it for sure.


  • Light and packs small
  • Simple to use
  • Must be careful not to crush when storing or packing


  • Doesn't add much but ambience

Simple battery operated string lights to use anywhere and anyhow you want, but the tent is most logical.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $20

A great concept poorly executed.


  • Alternative illumination


  • Flimsy
  • Over-priced

You know this is a great concept, but it's poorly executed at best. I've often thought how nice it would be to have a little extra light adorning the tent and what better than Christmas lights. But in all honesty, you can purchase off of a craft website battery-powered outdoor lights for less than 1/2 of what these cost and arguably they are more durable. 

I wouldn't waste my money again.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $19.95

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Price MSRP: $19.95
Current Retail: $17.44-$24.99
Historic Range: $9.18-$24.99
Reviewers Paid: $14.98-$20.00
Weight 4 oz
Power 3 AAA batteries
Dimensions 10'
Best use Family/car camping and backpacking
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