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Eberlestock G4 Operator

rated 4.0 of 5 stars
photo: Eberlestock G4 Operator expedition pack (70l+)


System Pack Weight
Weight 10 lb / 4.54 kg 9 lb / 4.00 kg
Volume 4700 cu in / 77 L
Dimensions 27"h x 12"w x 10"d
Construction 500d/1000d Nylon, Strategic Blend.


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This is a very well thought out internal frame pack that is designed for multiday hunting trips and can be used for hiking as well. Lots of PALS webbing for pouches, lots of compartments, and lots of access to the interior makes this high end pack a great product.


  • Good material and construction
  • PALS webbing and well thoughtout comparments
  • Strong frame for heavy loads


  • Not lightweight
  • The scabbard can get in the way when going prone

I got a chance to use this pack when my nephew lent me his to try it out. I put the pack through the paces of a usual backpack hunting trip. This is a heavyweight internal frame backpack with near 5000 of cargo space (80l). The load I put into it was about 75 lbs. and included a rifle in the scabbard.

Like all packs, load displacement is important and with the PALS webbing inside and out keeping heavy stuff where it should be was a cinch. Thanks to the PALS ands the pouch arrangement the load was extremely well balanced. Locking the load to the frame was also easy with very well arranged load straps. The suspension system is fully adjustable for any back length and very quick to change.

Moving thick foliage, steep terrain or any terrain can be difficult, couple that to a pack heavily laden that wants to swing, and you have the makings of a trip from hell. The G4 operator will not be the pack to swing or move around. The straps tighten the load to the frame and the suspension holds it to your back. The ventilation is very good with only a small, very small sweat area on the shoulders where the straps are and almost none on the back.

My only complaint was whenever I went prone the packs scabbard pushes down the head. This might be due to me not setting the pack up totally as designed. My nephew said he has had the same issue. For those who don't hunt, the Eberlestock Terminator is the same pack with no scabbard and that solves that problem. That said getting the rifle from in the scabbard to really is fast. This is not surprising as the designer, Glen Eberle, was an Olympian biathlon competitor. He applies his knowledge to his designs and it shows.

I liked this pack and if I was to buy a pack for a multiday trip but not expedition size it will be the terminator from Eberlestock which is G4's exact copy minus the scabbard. If durability is more important than weight it is your pack.

Source: borrowed it

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