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Eddyline Denali

photo: Eddyline Denali touring kayak


Price MSRP: $2,499.00
Historic Range: $2,123.93-$2,499.00
Length 15' 3"
Beam 24.5 in
Weight 50 lb
Cockpit Size Keyhole 35 x 18.5 in
Capacity 400 lb


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Finally, a kayak for the big guys!


  • Large cockpit for easy entry and exit
  • Lots of legroom and footroom
  • Great tracking, especially with skeg deployed
  • Lightweight
  • Great looking kayak
  • Really nice hatch covers that seal tightly


  • Finish on top deck scratches easily

I just took delivery of my red Eddyline Denali last month and all I can say is WOW! First of all, this is a gorgeous kayak! Hands down far more sexy than any roto-molded boat I have ever seen. The materials and craftsmanship are stellar. It's made of thermofoamed ABS plastic. It's 15'3" long and weighs only 50 lbs.

Best of all, this kayak fits a big guy like me. I have a very athletic build. I'm 6'3", 250 lbs with a 34" inseam and size 12 shoes and I fit very comfortably in this boat with room to spare.

The seat is very comfortable and adjustable by 3" fore and aft and the foot braces can be extended well beyond the reach of my legs. I love the extra room for my feet and legs, yet I still am very solidly "connected" to the boat with the seat and foot braces dialed in.

The thigh pads are perfectly placed for me and I feel no need to modify the padding anywhere in the cockpit for a better fit. The cockpit is large enough for me to sit in "butt-first" and then easily put both legs in without killing my shins, which is something I could not easily do in my other boat with a smaller cockpit.

The tracking is great without the skeg and excellent with the skeg deployed in a current or windy conditions. The stability is great, both initial and secondary and edging is GREAT!







The customer service at Eddyline and at REI are both stellar!!! Both are very easy to reach via telephone. I had a few questions for Eddyline before I pulled the trigger and all of my emails were answered in less than 24 hours. I was not able to take a Denali out for a "test drive" before I made the purchase, but man, how nice is it to know that IF the Denali was not a good fit for me, I would have a full year to return it to REI for a full refund.

There is NO WAY I'm returning this awesome kayak, but it's nice to know I could....just in case. I highly recommend the Eddyline Denali for people like me who are not members of the "slim fit" and "skinny jeans" crowd!

Source: bought it new

Jake W

Kayaks aren't a small investment! It's good to know the return policy before buying one, and I'm glad you got the right one for you!

6 years ago

Thanks for letting us know how your kayak has worked out so far, Lee. I hope you enjoy many hours of paddling it this summer.

6 years ago
Lee Patterson

Yeah Jake, i know, it was not cheap to buy, and the only used Denali's I could find online were in Washington and Oregon, and I live in Atlanta, so no chance to see them in person much less demo them.

6 years ago
Lee Patterson

Thanks Alicia, I will paddle alot this summer for sure!

6 years ago

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