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rated 5 of 5 stars Emerson Knives are all semi handmade. That means the pieces are laser cut. The blades are then hand finished and the entire knife is hand assembled. The company assembles knives in batches, say for instance, 100 Commanders, 150 CQC-8s, 100 CQC-6s, etc. That means that you can find a model for a while then they are gone for years (possibly). I have a Tactical Persian that I waited 7 years for. Alright, the Mini Commander is a smaller version of the full sized model, The Commander. The Mini Commander… Full review

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Emerson Knives, Inc.
1234 West 254th Street
Harbor City, CA 90710

phone: (310) 539-5633
fax: (310) 539-5609

website: www.emersonknives.com
email: info@emersonknives.com