EMS 2500

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The 2500 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best overnight packs for 2020.


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Price Reviewers Paid: $50.00
Price Reviewers Paid: $50.00


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This is one of the best quality backpacks I have ever owned. I have owned this backpack almost 10 years.

The only thing that broke was the zipper handle from sheer stress of being pulled back and forth sooo many times. I don't blame it for breaking over the years. But the zipper sill works great sine the base of the zipper is still there. I love the fact that it is a over sized, industrial sized zipper. I also had to replace the main waist buckle. I still use it almost every day for almost anything I can think of.

I am just very sad that the quality of backpacks that EMS sells now has gone to shit. I mean if I wanted a shitty backpack I could go down to the corner bargain retailer and get one where the zipper would fail and straps break after only a year.

Luckily I bought a second one of the same model on ebay after I realized how amazingly they were built for half the price of the first one.

Number of Pockets: one main pocket with a small zipped pocket inside
Height of Owner: 6'2"
Price Paid: $50

I just had to write a review of this pack after I finally killed mine, and ran out and picked up another one. First off, they do not make this pack anymore (8/00), buy you can ask EMS to put out an all stores bulletin for some laying around. My pack got me through years of day hiking which included ascents, both winter and other seasons, of probably 270+ peaks in the Northeast, and the majority were haneous bushwhacks. I cut off the haul loop and compression straps so it won't get caught up in vegetation. I broke the zipper once (my fault), returned it, and got it quickly repaired for free with a letter apologizing for the broken zipper. EMS customer service is A+. The pack is comfy, well built, and can be picked up for a cheap price. The outside contains two loading straps, two removable webbings, inner pocket for very small stuff, a key clip, and 4 outer compression straps. I have had no better day pack to date.

Design: Rucksack
Size: 2500
Number of Pockets: Main bag plus very small inner pocket
Max. Load Carried: 20-30 lbs
Height of Owner: 5'6"
Price Paid: $50 (on sale)

I use this pack for dayhiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and it has served me well. It's much more comfortable than the pack it replaced (a Jansport Supersack), and despite its small size, I am planning on using it for overnight trips this summer (with a bivy bag and small down sleeping bag).

Design: Daypack
Size: 2500 cu. in.
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 22 lbs.
Height of Owner: 5'11"
Price Paid: $50 (on sale)

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