EMS Boreal -20

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The Boreal -20 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best cold weather synthetic sleeping bags for 2020.


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This is a great bag if ur just starting to cold weather camp.

It is very big and it doesn't fit in my pack compressed. I have a big pack, EMS 4700. It carries a lot but this compressed doesn't fit in the pack it's too fat so it only fits in uncompressed and it takes up lots of room.

I've taken it on several trips in the White Mountains and although it is warm enough it takes up so much space in my pack that I have to cut my trips shorter than I'd like.

It will keep u warm though down to -20 as it says. It's not one of the bags that the rating is off by 10 or 20 degrees. I was 12 when I got caught in a storm it was -18 when we packed out and I was warm in the bag even though it was large on me.

All in all a good beginner bag, if ur doing any serious camping or hiking don't get it. It is big and heavy.

Only buy if ur going car camping. Otherwise it is very difficult to use

Design: mummy
Fill: see above
Temperature Rating: -20 F
Weight: see above
Price Paid: gift

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