ESEE Knives Candiru

photo: ESEE Knives Candiru fixed-blade knife


Price Reviewers Paid: $50.00
Weight 1.7 oz
Overall Length 5.13 in
Cutting Edge Length 2.0 in
Maximum Thickness .125 in


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The smallest, strongest, sharpest chunk of metal I could find. DO NOT GET THE NYLON SHEATH.


  • Full tang
  • No questions asked warrantee
  • 1095 steel
  • Small size
  • Holds edge rasonably well
  • Factory edge is SHARP!
  • The new plastic sheath is great


  • Price
  • The old nylon sheath is horrible (I lost my original Candiru due to sheath failure)
  • Didn't come with grips

The ESEE Candiru is probably one of the best backpacking knives you could get in my opinion. It's the smallest of all the ESEE knives, and comes skeletonized without any grips to shave weight, and to function as a "neck knife" if desired.

The original nylon sheath was crap. I modified mine to be the way it's pictured above, so that it was more functional and secure, but in the end I lost it landscaping. Being in need of a new backpacking knife, I started to look at new options when I noticed ESEE had upgraded the sheath design to match my trusty ESEE 3. Issue solved. I bought another one and have complete faith in the new sheath. 

The knife its self, I have no complaints. I can fit three fingers on the handle, and the blade is just about the same length. It holds an edge well, sharpens easily, and the coating on the metal holds up great.

ESEE is rumored to have the best "no questions asked" transferable warranty in the business. Just don't lose your knife.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50 + $15 for the micarta handles


I'm curious why they don't sell the knife with a handle/grip? Can you select from various options? Is it hard to install and keep installed? Thanks for the review!

6 years ago
George of the Jungle

the grips are attached to the full tang with 4 small screws (2 per side), and go on with no problem at all as long as you have the propper hex bits or allen wrench sizes. i couldn't find any retailer with the grips included, but that doesn't mean they doean't exist. i think they sell it without the grips to keep it as small as possible for backpacking, or use as a neck knife. however, i find that it is much easier to use with the grips because the knife is so very small. i think for the price, a knife should come with the grips that are intendid for the knife, but it is what it is, and i don't regret getting it. i'll try to post a pic of it a little later for you.

6 years ago

Thanks for the updates on this, gmid83.

5 years ago

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