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Eureka! Apex XT

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Apex XT has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best three-season tents for 2020.


Price Historic Range: $129.95
Reviewers Paid: $115.00-$129.95


8 reviews
5-star:   6
4-star:   2
3-star:   0
2-star:   0
1-star:   0

I owned and used an Apex 2 for six years--well over 250 nights--in conditions ranging from a fortnight in the Everglades to a week above 8000' in the Colorado Rockies in the spring, from the baking deserts of the Southwest to the storm battered Pacific Northwest. It shrugged off the rain, the wind, cold, duststorms, hungry insects, and inquisitive critters.

On a few occasions I guyed it out to windward, but I think that was mostly to make me feel better, and reduce the buffetting, and not needed to keep the tent from collapsing. When finally one of the zippers was going and the fly showed signs of ultraviolet degradation, a friend of mine who only camps when the weather is nice admired it enough to buy it for almost half what I paid for it.

Mine was the model with the short fly and mini vestibules, enough to keep my boots out of the dew, and to cook meals protected when it rained. Not all tents of this type are design to make that possible.

I would have bought another one just like it to replace it--that's how much I liked it--but it is getting to be an older model now, maybe out of production, and the only ones I saw for sale came with fiberglass poles, a dealbreaker for me.

Price Paid: ~$120

Just returned from a trip in Cathedral Valley Utah 10 days in the back country. We had a wide range of weather including 75 mph winds driven by rain and sleet. This was my first trip with this tent and it did extremely well considering the conditions and the cost of the tent. Wind blew so hard that the aluminum poles were bending and dipping on one side.

After double staking the tent, it held its ground. We had gale force winds for 2 days. It performed well and stayed dry. I may go to a 4 season tent just to be sure, But it will be another Eureka after the performance of this tent...

Design: Three season
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: easy

I have been backpacking for years and have owned this tent for two. It has seen me safe through a windstorm which blew down trees and a rainstorm that dropped 5 inches in 12 hours. There was so much water that it rose one inch above the sides of the tent. The bottom of the tent was like a waterbed. We stayed completely dry. I watch my friends fight thier fancy designed mutiple pole tents. This tent is a breeze to set up and with two doors and two vestibles it's nice not to have to climb over your gear to get in your tent.

Design: freestanding dome
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: easy setup
Weight: 7 lbs
Price Paid: $120

Here's a short story. A friend and I went to the beach and had almost no money and didn't know the area. So we had to get out the tent and stay at a campground. It was raining and the wind was blowing like mad. In the morning, I believe ours was the only tent still intact, and we were dry. The Apex XT has also shielded snow without a problem. Well worth the price.

Design: 3 season
Ease of Setup: real easy
Price Paid: ~$129

This is a great tent for the price! It sets up fast and easy. It sleeps 2 people comfortably and having a door on each side is a big plus. The rain fly provides complete coverage and creates a nice vestibule area on each side. I have hiked with others who have much more expensive tents who admire this tent more than their own.

Design: 3 Season
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: Easy!!!
Weight: Approx. 5 lbs.
Price Paid: $115

Best tent for the money! I've had it in the Olympic Rainforest, Cascade Peaks, Mt. Rainier, Arches Ntl. Park, Moab, etc. No problems, no leaks. All the room you need for two people and gear if need be.

Forget the $300, $400, $500 substandard trendy tents. Eureka products have done me nothing but good - especially my tent.

Design: 3 1/2 Season
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: Way Too Easy!
Price Paid: $120 through Campmor

This is a rugged, inexpensive tent that is super for those of us who don't want to spend a fortune. I just returned from using the tent on a solo trip (although the Zephyr might be a better choice), and was happy to have the extra space inside as the rain/ice started about 10 pm and continued for 12 hours before I finally broke camp. Incidentally, not a drop of water made it inside! The Apex XT has a huge vestibule, and doors on each side, so it can comfortably be used by two people, although as I said, I like it as a solo tent when the weather might turn wet and cold and you want to make sure your gear stays dry. That being said, my gear in the vestibule this last time remained totally dry.

Design: 3 season free-standing dome
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: Easy
Weight: 5 lbs
Price Paid: $120

This is quite simply the best tent I have ever owned. (not to mention the price!!!) Mega easy set-up and great ventalation. Two vesties for your stuff, and full coverage rain fly. Great for backpacking. See you on the Trail!!!

Design: 3 1/2 season
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: Quick and VERY EASY
Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.
Price Paid: $129.95

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