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Exped Cruiser-lite

rated 3.0 of 5 stars

The Cruiser-lite has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best self-inflating sleeping pads for 2024.

When compared to a comparable Therma-rest (Trail lite) the Exped mat just wasn't up to snuff.

I originally got the Exped because of the sweet design of having the thickness taper from the hips to the feet. This and the mummy shape helped to shave unwanted weight. Ironically these two features worked perfectly and the weight savings was welcome.

Where the Exped fell short was in the design of the cut-outs in the foam. Whereas the Therm-a-rest Trail Lite model has diamond shaped cut-outs that do not exceed 0.5" in diameter, the Exped's cut-outs appear to be 1.0"-1.5" in diameter. This was clearly a weight saving tactic, but what it results in is a pad that is too soft and sags way too much at the pressure points. I'm 6'-1" and 180 lbs and my hip would sag through to the ground, which is not acceptable for this type of pad. I've heard, but have not seen with my own eyes that the Pro-lite series by Therm-a-rest suffers from the same affliction.

Some positives: the Exped had a superior valve, better fabric surface (no slide), lighter, taper thing is a "duh" moment, comes with repair kit and stuff sack.

This would be the perfect pad (for me) but for the damned foam cut-out pattern.

Price Paid: $65

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