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Gaia GPS App & Offline Topo Maps

photo: Gaia GPS App & Offline Topo Maps outdoor app


Price Reviewers Paid: $22.00


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Gaia offers up-to-date and detailed GPS topo maps for Android or IOS devices. Best of all the maps are downloadable so your phone can be your GPS even when out of cellular range.


  • Up-to-date maps
  • Detailed resolution maps
  • Downloadable maps
  • Import and export tracks and waypoints
  • Very good value


  • $22 cost
  • Some issues with freezing up

I had a Garmin eTrex and then a Garmin 450 GPS that I have used the past 12 years. Both devices were well utilized and displayed good accuracy and much usefulness. 

I recently bought the Canada Topo Pro maps for my Samsung Note 3 for $9.99. I liked and used that app for the past few months. Having a big 5.7" display to view maps and waypoints on proved to be much better than the smallish display of my Garmin 450 GPS. I also enjoyed having one multiple use device along. The Note 3 acts as a phone, computer, camera and now GPS.

Previously I also carried a small but heavy Canon S95 camera along with the heavy Garmin 450 GPS. My Samsung Note 3 weighs half of either of the other devices and the battery lasts 12+ hours.

I read the Gaia comparison review on their website so I paid the $22 and took it out on a recent 5-day backpacking trek through Lake Superior Provincial Park. The maps, track, and waypoint recording are all good. It also features Facebook, e-mail, and other "sharing" integration along with syncing and sharing your tracks with others via the Gaia Cloud service.   

Since buying the Gaia GPS app I no longer have a need to carry my Garmin 450. Best $22 I ever spent.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $22


Thanks for the review, Marko!

6 years ago
Marko Koskenoja

Thanks Goose. I need to add more reviews as I spend much of my time outdoors and I do love outdoor gear.

6 years ago

I find writing review is a great way to process and reflect on my outdoor experiences. Plus, when I find a piece of gear I really like (or hate), I want others to know about it.

6 years ago

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