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Garmin GPSMap 76CSx

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The GPSMap 76CSx has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best handheld gps receivers for 2024.

photo: Garmin GPSMap 76CSx handheld gps receiver

This GPS unit is supposedly made for marine use but it makes more sense for it to be used for roughly mapping an area or mapping waypoints and such. It's great for using on the road and the color display really helps to distinguish features. The map it comes with is darn near useless so get ready to fork over another $150 for a new set of maps (typical Garmin). If you have the money and get more than one set of maps the removable card ability is great additional memory. It's really easy to use as my technologically dysfunctional Mother picked up the basics in a few minutes tops.

A friend of mine has the 60CS and we compared accuracies as we drove out to Idaho this past summer. He had better accuracy by about a meter on the plains in Montana, but once we got into the mountains and canyons, my unit had his beat by as much as 5 meters. In some areas his unit wouldn't even detect satellites when mine would have four or five registered- might be attributed to the Sirf receiver this has.

I received this as a gift for Graduation and have loved it, however it does have some shortcomings. It says it accepts rechargeable batteries but when I put my Energizer ones in, the case closed but was really tight. The little latch on the back actually ground out some of the plastic due to the pressure and consequently I don't think my unit is very waterproof anymore. I've been too scared to try it out, however.

Also there is no way to put it on a belt other than with the lanyard they provide. So if you're mapping or hiking you have to carry it out all the time or deal with it being in your bag. Not very useful/convenient if you want to track/trace the trail with it.

This unit it good for me since I spend more time using it in canyons and areas with crappy reception. Other than that, you can spend a lot less and get pretty much the same thing.

Price Paid: $365

I think the other reviewer (Traveler50) has to realize that this unit is designed to have additional maps loaded (not just the base map) and they do cost extra. That's why it comes with a card slot.

Once you do, whether it's the autorouting maps or the marine bluechart or detailed topo maps you'll realize this is a fantastic unit, with extremely rapid satellite acquisition and auto-routing, and a very accurate and informative device. It's waterproof and it floats as well.

I just used it on vacation in Hawaii and it was invaluable not just for hiking and boating, but for finding hotels, restaurants and shopping and all kinds of other points of interest very quickly and easily, I hardly needed to open the guide books I also brought. The latest maps are getting really good and constantly updated. (and no I don't work for Garmin).

At least get the MapSource City Navigator North America NT map ($99) from Garmin and give it a fair try before awarding only 1 star... clearly you don't realize what you have here! I previously owned the GPSMAP 76CS (no card but 119 mb of internal memory) and that too is a great device, now passed on to a friend as I've upgraded.

Price Paid: $299

I have two Map 76csx—all are gift from a mother and a brother. The first was working well, but later when I use frequently and at times the battery goes down and insist to on it later when replaced with new battery it doesn't on. I guess battery capacitor is not good enough.

The same thing with the second gift from a brother, the same thing is happening, when used until battery drained when replaced with a new battery it does not on again.

Something is wrong with the power system of any Garmin handheld I think. I dont know with other handhelds.


Power failure after repeated use under battery drained.

Source: received it as a personal gift

I received this unit as a retirement gift about six weeks ago and after going through the user's manual, setting the base point at my house I realized that this $500 dollar unit pretty much does what my old $89 unit and my compass does.

It is supposed to be a color unit but mostly the whole small screen is coffee colored with a red line for the interstate five miles away. Not a local street or highway in sight.

My big retirement gift turned out to be a $500 turd.

Price Paid: Gift

It is very versatile with extented memory that can be added for mapping data. The display is large enough for hiking, but a little small for using in the car. The only downside that I have encountered is the need for additional Garmin maps. The base map is alright for learning, but you definitely need to purchase the other maps to have full functionality of the unit. Overall, however, I love it and use it in the car, boat, and on the trail.

Price Paid: $449.99

Very satisfied, never leave home without it.

Lightweight, waterproof, floats, does not eat batteries.

On board maps could be better, but there are ways to add your own.

Price Paid: $299

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Price Historic Range: $299.93-$449.99
Reviewers Paid: $299.00-$449.99
Weight 7.7 oz / 218 g with batteries
Dimensions 2.7 in x 6.2 in x 1.2 in / 6.9 cm x 15.7 cm x 3.0 cm
Display size 1.6 in x 2.2 in / 4.1 cm x 5.6 cm
Display resolution 160 x 240 pixels
Display type 256 color transflective TFT
Battery 2 AA batteries, not included
Battery life 18 hours, typical
Waterproof yes (IPX7)
Floats yes
High-sensitivity receiver yes
Interface serial and USB

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