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Garmont Gore-Tex models

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The Gore-Tex models has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2023.

I bought Garmont footwear Gore-tex. I was very satisfied with my shoes and I waxed them as I’ve been told when I bought them. After 4.5 months of traveling, that more then one month of them I didn’t wear the shoes at all because I was on the beaches in Brazil, I went on a trek (which was only the second trek in the trip), then I found out that the impermeability of the gore-tex, is out of order, my foots got wet.

After 2 months of traveling in Patagonia with the shoes, and trekking with them on wet area (that made me feel uncomfortable walking in wet shoes) I came back to the store where I bought the shoes, they sent it to the importer of Garmont and after 3 weeks they claims that the lining of the shoe is damaged and it’s not included in the guarantee of the shoes. I asked them to check the shoes again and they kept on claiming that the damage it’s not included in the guarantee of the shoes. They claimed thet the movement of the leg in the shoes caused the damage due to a pressure that the toes damaged the gore-tex lining of the shoes although I felt that the water got into the shoes through the middle of the sole and not through the toes.

According to the information that I got from a friend of mine, who knows well traveling gear, gore-tex footwear pulverization after 4 months is unreasonable, and can be caused only due to bad treatment to the shoes, which is definitely not my case.

The shoes cost me about 180US$, and I think that the guarantee is given exactly for such cases; I don’t accept the fact that the importer claimed that the problem of the shoes caused “by the way I walk”, and the fact that the gore-tex lining has been pulverized in such a short time says that something was wrong in the producing process of the shoes.

The representative of Garmont Italy gave me more and less the same answer and invited me to send them the shoes, but at this step i decided to give it up.

so I advice all of you NOT TO BUY GARMONT'S GEAR because of the bad service that they give for their gear.


Materials: gore- tex
Use: walking and easy trekking
Break-in Period: 4 monthes
Price Paid: $180 US

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Price Reviewers Paid: $180.00