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Garmont Nasty

The Nasty has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best trail shoes for 2023.

photo: Garmont Nasty trail shoe

I have a high arch and a narrow heel, medium toe span. I loved the assymetrical look of these so I tried them.

To my happiest discovery, these shoes are now my favourite hikers and approach shoes. They allow my complete foot to flex; they wrap around my midfoot like a glove; the arch support makes for stability; and these are not mushy shoes at all. Great grip as well.

The best thing is that they seem to be helping me resolve my achilles tendonitis problem. It seems that 40 years of boot use has limited the ability of my foot to flex properly, so the achilles has been stressed out and taking all the stretch, instead of the entire foot.

I recently used the Nasties to approach Mt. Sir Donald, and on the steep ascent to the bivy camp, with a big heavy pack, my achilles actually felt like they were improving with every step.

I'm keeping these babies and hope Garmont continues making them.

Materials: some kind of non goretex material
Use: hike/approach
Break-in Period: none
Weight: a pound/pair
Price Paid: under 100 Ca

Very comfortable and durable shoe. I hiked the AT last year and picked these up in Damascus after my feet became enlarged and my Eclipses (Garmont) no longer fit. I hiked the rest of the trail in these, which was over 1700 miles, and while they finally were nearly toast at the end they made it and only had a few small blowouts. The sole was still intact though and the comfort was still good. Just a workhorse that gets the job done.

Use: thru hike
Break-in Period: couple days
Weight: 27 ib. pack weight on average, up to 35 at times.
Price Paid: $85

This shoe is incredible. After suffering from foot pain, I came across this shoe at our local mountain gear. I loved the way they looked ("Nasty"). But when I tried them on, it was the best shoe I had ever worn. They are comfortable, lightweight, and perfectly customized for your feet. They are as tough as nails too. I hope they make more of this type of shoe!

Materials: Gore-tex (I think)
Use: everywear
Break-in Period: none!
Weight: light
Price Paid: $99.99

These are expensive shoes but amazingly comfortable. I've done a lot of light hiking in these and never had a problem. Incredibly light. They are so comfortable I might even try them on an ultralight backpacking trip sometime. I plan on buying another pair as soon as I see them go on sale or look like they might possibly be discontinued.

Use: light hiking, trail running
Break-in Period: none
Weight: under a pound
Price Paid: $100

I have high arches, narrow heel -- used to swear by Merrell till I put these on. This is definitely the best fitting shoe for me I've ever had. I've been through 5-10's, Lowas, Merrels, Salomons... everything. It hugs my foot and the toe box is big feeling, but when I walk it doesn't slip at all cause of the way that they have the box angled. Look at your feet -- your big toe starts further from your heel than your pinky toe (well mine does). That's how they shape the toe box and laces. RRead the tag -- it'll explain all this. It feels different when you walk, try em.

Materials: can't remember what its called but light n tuff
Use: everything but heavy loads (low cut)
Break-in Period: 15 mins or so... insoles take longer than shoe
Weight: light
Price Paid: $35 Aww yeah!

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