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Garmont Sticky Weekend

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The Sticky Weekend has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best approach shoes for 2024.

I just recently bought these shoes and although I can't comment on their durability, I can comment on their function and fit.

The leather upper breathes well and the toe has a full rubber rand... great for avoiding scuffs. The sole is a Vibram design with a flat section around the big toe to allow for precise edging (this is a great idea and is used on my Sportiva Trango Plus boots also).

I think there is a full length nylon shank to provide for some stiffness. This makes the shoe feel a bit like a hiker... and in fact I would say this is exactly like a hiking boot without the ankle support. It's a little heavier than your regular approach shoe and just a little lighter than most day hikers.

My biggest problem with the shoe is that my ankle is a little too narrow for it. I replaced the insoles and it helped a lot, but not quite enough. After my first long trip (13 hours) my heels were pretty raw and I honestly don't know if it will get any better. It's hard for me to believe that they felt all right in the store and then changed so much on the trail...

So, people with narrow feet beware!! This shoe is probably not for you. Otherwise, if you are in the market for something between an approach shoe and a day-hiker this would be it.

Materials: Leather
Use: approach shoe
Break-in Period: ?
Weight: 900+ grams
Price Paid: $130 Cdn

These shoes, purchased from REI, were considerably cheaper than comparable products at the time. I took great care to get the optimum size that would allow me to do an approach of several miles while still providing an above average climbing capability.

I used them for the walk in to Grand Teton twice, among other uses, although in the end opted for rock shoes for the Complete Exum Direct. I would now be happy to do the climb in these, as they have good sticky rubber Vibram soles and rand with stiff, flat inside edge (important) - but alpinism was new to me at the time.

They have lasted years although I tend to save them for climbing related activities as they are such a perfect fit (the large number of eyelets allow very precise lacing, and I vary the tightness for walking/climbing. I bought them close fitting and the sides have bedded in nicely, molding to my feet even as I gained weight, which widened my feet).

I recently wore them on holiday while scrambling on seaside rocks, bass plugging - they were outstandingly secure. Far superior to waders or wellington boots - which generally lead to heavy, painful falls (saw a fishing legend fall flat on his back in waders).

Materials: Sticky rubber, canvas, suede leather
Use: Walk-ins, scrambling, low grade climbing, grade IV
Break-in Period: immediate but amazingly improves with time
Weight: Not significant, like a trainer.
Price Paid: around $68 several years ago

These boots felt comfortable right out of the box. The old style skywalk rubber soles gripped everything but they wore out way too fast. The company has since changed the soles, but I like the old ones better. They gave good feel of the terrain without feeling skimpy. If you can find a pair of last year's model, i.e. non vibram, I highly recommend these shoes.

Materials: leather
Use: approach/ light climbing
Break-in Period: none
Weight: ????
Price Paid: about 90 bucks

This is the best shoe for big walls hands down. the pair i have now has been up el capitan three times, whitney twice, and i wear them almost everyday around town. they still have a wall or two left. i have never know of a shoe that could withstand such abuse. in addition they free climb/edge very well for an approach shoe.

Price Paid: $100

I bought my Sticky Weekends in 1998. It's now time for another pair. Man, do they last! These comfy shoes fit well and have a semi-stiff VibramĀ® sole that works perfectly for hang gliding, biking and casual walking/hiking.

Materials: Leather W/Vibram sole
Use: Casual hiking
Break-in Period: 24 hours
Weight: Medium
Price Paid: $89

They are awsome they have been great. I've climbed 5.10 in these and bouldered v5. They are great, well worth the 89 bucks and I think they still have some on sale at REI for $9.99, damn cheap.

Materials: leather
Use: aproacxh , no paCK
Break-in Period: 3 days
Weight: 2lbs about that
Price Paid: $89 i got mine on sale only $59.99

The most durable comfortable shoe I have owned. And they last forever.

Price Paid: $65

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