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Gerber Hinderer Rescue

photo: Gerber Hinderer Rescue folding knife


Price MSRP: $100.00
Historic Range: $79.99-$129.60


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I seem to use this knife for everything but throwing, but I haven't done that much recently. It doesn't feel that well balanced for throwing, but not so far off that it's a problem for day to day use

Ok, so the knife might be somewhat bigger than most people are expecting, but it still fits comfortably in hand, and it's not so heavy that it brings your pants crashing to the ground. The knife comfortably falls into hand wether your wearing gloves or not, and when your not wearing gloves the blade has a nice indent at the base to choke up for doing more detailed work. I can manage to open and close the knife in cheep insulated work gloves.

Unlike most knives this sucker isn't sharpened all the way to the tip, instead the heft of the blade is carried most of the way up, so it makes for a great pry bar. In fact it is so good at prying Gerber is apparently willing to warranty repair afterwards, when most manufactures, and Gerber's other knives would be sent back with a note that says 'you're joking right?' It works great for chopping ice out of places that it shouldn't be, too.

I've managed to use the oxygen notch several times now rather than tracking down where the actual wrench has gone. The cutter has gotten little use other than testing, and the window punch hasn't gotten even that.

This is definitely not the right knife for most people, it's just too big for them to justify day to day. For most people something like a Leatherman Skeletool makes a lot more sense. If you're someone who will beat on the tool relatively often though, and use it for tasks where other tools would make much more sense, but you would rather not carry them, then this is a good knife. You will definitely be 'that guy with the knife' though if you carry it day to day.

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