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GoLite Adrenaline 20

rated 4 of 5 stars

GoLite is no longer in business, and the Adrenaline 20 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best 3-season down sleeping bags for 2024.

photo: GoLite Adrenaline 20 3-season down sleeping bag

After a full year with this bag I am glad I made the purchase. This bag may not be for everyone but it works well for me. The top side, 1/2 half length zip was my struggle in purchasing the bag. Would I like it? Well yes and no...

First the good. This bag packs down so small that I can fit it and my insult mat max thermo easily into my sleeping bag compartment. Actually in September in Yellowstone I also fit my puffy coat in with it. I read somewhere in a review that there was no stuff sack with it but that was not true with mine. My main reason for this purchase was to find the smallest packing, lightest 20 degree bag I could find. It pack as small as some 40' bags. Its weight and size are very hard not to like.

The cut- I like the slim cut in the legs but some may not. It is slimmer in the legs than any other bag I have owned. This help insulation work efficiently but when coupled with the 1/2 length top zipper getting in it requires a little wiggling or scooching. If you need leg room consider this.

Temperature rating- In Yellowstone I woke up with a half frozen nalgene on a Bechler river trip. I do not carry a thermometer so I can't tell you the overnight low. Safe to say it was below freezing. I found the bag to be warm enough sleeping in long johns and a turtle neck.

Top and bottom panels- By adding water resistant panels above your head and around your feet you get protection where you need it (mostly- see below) and saves weight and stiffness through the mid body.

Venting- As a side and back sleeper I love the top center zip for venting when full insulation power is not needed. Also as a side sleeper the lack of a side zip means I'm not laying on it or getting a draft from a draft tube leak. This I really like. If you are a side sleeper you know what I mean

The not so good- I would make 2 changes to this bag.

Length- I am 6'5" and the long is just a bit snug in length. The hood seems shallower than my other bags. If the hood has deeper the length would be ideal.

water resistant panels- I am sure that additional waterproof panels around the hood and face opening would add stiffness and perhaps not as comfortable but on the coldest nights you breath condensation can dampen that area pretty well. A little morning sun and it was all set but I noticed enough of it to be a concern on the coldest nights.

Overall - The high end, small packing 20' down bag has lots of choices these days. You can spend a whole bunch. I do feel I got my moneys worth here. I chose the tradeoff of the 1/2 zip and while not ideal, it is more than livable. If you have multiple bladder calls at night maybe you won't like it as well.

It packs VERY small and weighs very little. It lofts nicely, the zipper does not snag, and allows for fast and light travel. If you are 6'6" note the length comments, the manufacturer claims that is the length it will fit but at 6'5" I'm not sure where you'd put that extra inch without compressing down and getting cold feet. Also remember for high moisture areas that only the feet and hood are moisture repelling fabrics (the gray in the pictures).

I love mine and would reccomend it as long as you know what you are getting.

Design: Mummy
Fill: 800+ down
Temperature Rating: 20F
Weight: 2lb 5oz Long (on my scale)
Price Paid: $325

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