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GoLite Gust Pack

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

GoLite is no longer in business, and the Gust Pack has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best expedition packs for 2024.

photo: GoLite Gust Pack expedition pack (70l+)

I just finished using this pack for an eleven day trip at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. My base weight was 17 pounds, but with crew gear, food and water, I was sometimes forced to carry slightly over the recommended 30 pounds. I LOVED this pack. I sometimes added a makeshift sternum strap, but usually did not. If you keep to around 27 pounds, I don't think you would ever miss this feature. The pack held-up very well, and going down to 20 ounces (from my previous 5 pound pack) was WONDERFUL!

In addition to the build in back padding, I lined the inside with my semi-inflated Thermarest Classic 3/4 pad. This both added rigidity/stability to the pack, and provided additional padding at the back. I never maxed out the space inside the pack, even having plenty of room for my 3-liter bladder at the top. I did use the non-padded waist belt almost always, but never missed the padding. With a 30 or less pound load, you just don't need it. At the $61 I paid (mailorder), this is one of the best equipment purchases I have ever made.

Design: Frameless Rucksack
Size: 4650
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 30.5 pounds
Height of Owner: 6 foot 0 inches
Price Paid: $61

Once you go lighter, you will never want to go back. Heavy duty Spectra fabric is light and extremely durable. Absence of extra straps and pockets is alright with me. Only one compression strap means you need to carefully plan how you pack (don't you do that already?). Very easy to get used too, a very solid buy.

Design: Top load rucksack
Size: 4500+more
Number of Pockets: 2
Max. Load Carried: 18lbs
Height of Owner: 6'2"
Price Paid: $99

This pack offers you spectra durability, high quality, a simple but practical design, volume, low weight, a good price and if you know how to pack it... comfort !

On the downside it's not waterproof at all and DON'T carry more than 13,5 kg.

Design: top load
Size: 85 l
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 14 ,5 kg
Price Paid: 129 Euro

I like the GoLite Gust. I hear good and bad things about GoLite. You must pack light with this pack. And this is the intention?! I hope to hike the PCT next year with the Golite Gust. It works for me.

Design: top loading
Size: 3,500+CU.IN.
Number of Pockets: 2
Max. Load Carried: 35+LBS
Height of Owner: '6
Price Paid: $130

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Price Historic Range: $50.00-$100.00
Reviewers Paid: $61.00-$130.00