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GoLite Lair 1 Shelter

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

GoLite is no longer in business, and the Lair 1 Shelter has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tarps and shelters for 2023.

photo: GoLite Lair 1 Shelter tarp/shelter

This was my first tarp! Low cost, easy to set up, and pretty darn light. I enjoyed the fact that it can be set up with three sides flush to the ground. This keeps out rain splash way better than a simple rectangle tarp suspended off the ground.

The sides sag in the rain, as do most silnylon tarps, so I sewed on lifters that added a bit of weight but pull the sides out nicely. Also had a friend sew on a beak over the front opening, which helps keep blowing rain out. The stakes that come with this are junk; get some titanium ones. Trekking poles would be perfect to use as poles, but I always just use sticks from the forest.

Lots of modifications, but I now have a bomber little tarp. I've carried it on the PCT, the CDT and the Colorado Trail. Still going strong. If money wasn't an option I'd replace it with something lighter like a Gossamer Gear SpinnShelter or a MT Laurel Designs Patrol. But I'm a cheapskate so I'll keep this gem until it falls apart. GoLite doesn't even make this anymore, but you can find it online.

Design: 3 season tarp
Sleeps: 1
Ease of Setup: EASY!
Weight: 12 ounces with my modifications

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