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Goruck GR1

photo: Goruck GR1 daypack (under 35l)


Price MSRP: $295.00
Reviewers Paid: $150.00-$295.00
Weight 3.20 lb / 1.45 kg
Volume 26 L


4 reviews
5-star:   3
4-star:   1
3-star:   0
2-star:   0
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Very well made and reliable ruck.


  • Super rugged
  • Opens fully
  • Molle accessories


  • Heavy
  • Lack of ext/int pockets
  • Will not drain water

This product will last you forever... period. If it doesn't, send it back to the factory in Montana (MADE IN USA!!) GORUCK's products are guaranteed with their SCARS promise, and they WILL make you a satisfied customer.

I had to return one of mine after absolutely thrashing it for two years of carrying excessive loads, dragging, traveling, throwing, mudding... you name it, I did it. The shoulder strap started to come loose from the body, they replaced it no questions asked.  A+++ customer service, no joke.

I have loaded this beast with 70lb weights, AND used the molle to strap other shared weights onto... this ruck continually comes back for more punishment with muddy smile on its face.

This pack does not have a lot of internal or external pockets... granted, it is enough for what most of us would ever need to use it for, but if traveling, use the molle to attach another zip bag onto and you will be all set.  It even has molle on the upper section of the internal backing to attach other pouches.

I do not work for this company. I just support them and their products... They are vastly superior to most of the products on the market, and you will not be disappointed.

P.S. 4.5 stars because I never give 5 stars to anything unless it was crafted by a 1000 year old hermit master on a mountain and has mythical super powers enchanted onto it. Nothing is perfect.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $225


Sounds like a durable pack. Do you have any pictures of it?

6 years ago

This is an extremely tough and no-nonsense rucksack. It is so versatile that it fits perfectly for daily commutes to the office and back as well as for the outdoors.


  • Tough and indestructible
  • Extremely versatile. Usually you would need something more ordinary for daily commute and a different backpack for outdoors. This one fits into both worlds.
  • No-nonsense clean compact design lacking straps, mesh pockets and other fancies


  • Too few attachment points on the outside. Sometimes I miss a good way to attach something on the outside, which makes me more creative, but on the other side keeps you ultralight if you skip attaching things to the rucksack.

I have this rucksack for already 16 months and it has been with me almost everyday (if not every day) when I leave the front door of my home. It is a black one, not as on the image. On the image is a newer model, actually more colours were offered recently.

It is so tough and durable that I think it will handle more than 10 years of everyday 20 lbs loads (only my 17" Dell power horse and the iPad with the case comprise half of that weight). The pack has amazing and sturdy self-supported shape and is free standing when you put it on a flat surface.

The guy who designed it was in the US Special Forces so he took really the essence for making a perfect all-around, heavy duty rucksack with no extra non-essential stuff and you can live and survive without that. This makes it very compact and makes the owner very agile and fast. Nothing is hanging around the rucksack which usually drives me crazy—you look at a tourist or a backpacker and all you see (facing him from behind) is a ton of hanging straps and mesh pockets and you can hardly see the shape of the backpack itself.

As I mentioned it is extremely versatile (the black one) so that you can commute to work and back, go in the outdoors for a few days hike (yes, I intend and believe I can use it for 3-4 days ultralight backpacking) and I will update you very soon about that.

I have been even to a theatre play after work. It doesn't look weird since it is neither military pack, nor a sport backpack which anyone uses when going to the gym or other sport session. So I like its covert style where you can have everything inside it for a few days hike including food and water, tent, bag, pad, rainwear, trail food....while walking across the streets and nothing suggests that you are having something like a 72h survival kit inside or a 72h outdoor kit—nothing hangs outside so no one has any idea if you have been to work or going to work or going to the mountains. The bigger brother of GR1 has a bigger volume and would be perfect for longer hikes and longer self-supported adventures but it costs even more.

The GR1 costs as much as 1/3rd of my monthly salary when I got it as a gift. Now it is a quarter of my salary but still expensive (and worth it) and hence my will to fit in everything possible in this great backpack. I will get my girl a little bigger true mountain backpack perhaps 32-35L that is as light as possible and again compact enough for light or ultralight several days backpacking. Her bigger pack will have a bit more room for 1-2 days more food for backpacking up to 5 days maybe.

Source: received it as a personal gift

Solid construction, premium tough materials, well designed, comfortable yet basic and not too many frills.


  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Premium materials
  • Made in USA


  • None apparent

I use it for my hike to the gym and it easily holds all my gear; boxing gloves, mat shoes, change of clothes, water bottle, personal posessions etc. It has the webbed straps on the outside to affix additional smaller field pockets (using the MOLLE webbing) available on the Goruck site at an additional cost. 

It adjusts well and fits comfortably.The zippers, stitching, and the rest of the unit are designed for hard use and to last. I have been using mine for four months daily.

It is expensive, I paid full price on the Goruck website. However, the owner of the company donates generously  to the Green Beret Foundation. So we are on to something here.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $295

The best backpack I have ever used/owned and I'm a pack freak. Very strong and durable made of 1000D Cordura, I've taken it to hell and back, GORUCK Challenge.

I use everyday as a work bag carrying my MacBook and when I get home I throw about 40lbs of bricks into the pack and go run. IT has held up perfectly and if it didn't all GORUCK products have a lifetime scar guarantee.

Created by a former Green Beret for current military operators the GR1 is a dream. Enjoy!

Price Paid: $150 (discounted because of the GORUCK Challenge)

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