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Grivel Taa-K-Oon Alp

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Taa-K-Oon Alp has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best ice tools for 2024.

This is one of the best tools ever made, better than most of the chrome-plated crap that's being touted today as the latest and greatest. Yeah, I said it.

I have personally lead grade 4 ice, mixed terrain up to m6 as well as several alpine routes with these tools. I added the heavy picks and use cascade picks for just about everything, but get some of the MIxte picks for rock climbing abuse. I also removed the 'trigger" to better resist the Montana chill.

For some reason, Grivel only made these for a few years then moved on to what they felt were better designs (Monster?) The Taakoon is one of the most well-balanced, well-engineered tools I have ever climbed with (I've climbed with all of the contemporary designs and several doglegs).

You will need to wear relatively thin gloves and not have big hands to appreciate these gloves. My brother, who does have big hands and wears thicker gloves can't really use my tools. He needs the old school Cobras, but uses Rambo II's.

Grivel tools have always been the best, this tool is one of the last throwbacks to an era of truly well built tools. If you find one you might want to snatch it up. You might even get it cheap from some rich kid who wants a new french, leopard-print carbon dogleg b/s p.o.s....

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