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Grundig Mini400

photo: Grundig Mini400 radio


Price Historic Range: $16.83-$29.95
Reviewers Paid: $20.00-$30.00


4 reviews
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I bought this from a Canadian electronics store, my second one of this type after misplacing my last one. But you can find it at REI or elsewhere in the US.

This uses 2 AAA batteries, is very slim, and I find, powerful.

I use it for sanity keeping at work, but also take it hiking and camping to play with the shortwave aspect. I have listened to Radio Free China (propaganda), Radio Havana (music), the BBC, amongst others... Dusk is the best time to catch the most listening options.

It has a clock, has an alarm, which is useful, and can be locked into on or off, which is handy for jamming in a pack.

I find the batteries last 8-10 days of 8-10 hrs/day of use, which is just fine, as I use rechargables.

The headphones I don't bother with, and the pouch that comes with it is garbage, but it fits so nice and light into a shirt pocket, or a jacket's chest pocket.

I fully endorse this little radio, and owe thousands of hours of entertainment and education to it.

Price Paid: $20 CAD on sale

Lightweight, good reception, and shortwave.

I love this little radio! I was carrying a Sony Walkman, but this beats it hands down for reception, plus it gets shortwave; a nice plus in the backcountry when reception is otherwise poor. Tuning is easy, and it has an external speaker for use around camp. And runs on two AAA batteries, the same as everything else I carry.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $20

I was looking for a small radio for packing. I know most people use those little doodads that ya download music onto then stick earbuds in, Other compact radios I found also needed earbuds. I wanted something with an external speaker.

Looked at some of the other crank style radios but thought they were a bit heavy and bulky

This is a nice compact little radio with an external speaker. Fits in most any pocket.

Have always been able to find a station with good reception on the FM side. The AM usually has a bit of static tho, but if your an AM listner like myself its tollerable. I havnt tried the short wave much. Tuner tends to wander off a little so you hav to make minor adjustments now and then.

Carry pouch is nice but not needed, I leave it at home. Radio has a lock on it so it wont turn on in your pack or pocket.

Lack of weather band is the main reason I don't give it a five star rating. I probably should not hold that against it since I knew that when I bought it, but IMO if ya want a 5, u gotta have weather band.

Overall I'm very happy with it, a nice little radio for the price.

Price Paid: $30

I had been searching for a lightweight radio, alarm clock for camping and backpacking for over two years at the secondhand stores. None of them ever fulfilled my needs. I finally broke down and spent the cash. And I'm glad that I did!

At home the local channels overwhelmed the thing. But taking it out in the field was a different matter. Grundig's tuner is real powerful. There is no loss of reception anywhere shy of the moon. The speaker will crack if you turn it up. But let's face it, one can not expect much from a speaker in a unit that weighs a mere 3.2 oz. So don't turn it up. After all we need not entertain others.

This is a true dream come true for my backpacking needs. I can listen to weather and news as I read a book before bed. I keep the volume down so if I take five steps away I cant hear it. It will indeed be going on all my backpacking trips.

Price Paid: $30

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