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GSI Outdoors Lexan Javapress

rated 2.5 of 5 stars

The Lexan Javapress has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best coffee presses and filters for 2024.

photo: GSI Outdoors Lexan Javapress coffee press/filter

I love my coffee and I wanted to take it camping so I got one of these, I have been using this since fall 08 on many many outings from overnight to a week. And I have had only one issue with it, the screen on the spout is very small and greatly restricts the flow. But the simple fix for that is to just remove the screen.

Despite the fact that it is only labeled as 10oz coffee press it has no problem making a 12oz cup of coffee. It is a lot stronger than it looks, I am very tough my gear and I haven’t broke it yet. This coffee press comes with a wrap and a rubber base to insulate it in the cold weather but can be removed to conserve weight in the warmer weather.

So in conclusion, it is a good product for a coffee lover and it makes a dam good coffee as well. Since I have used this one I bought a larger glass one I use at home because I like the taste of the coffee so much and a single cup maker just won’t do at home. Also for those who don’t know this when using a coffee press for best results use coarse ground coffee.

Price Paid: $13

The Lexan on this type of press is strong but the stem of the plunger breaks off where joins the plastic filter disc.

The mini espresso kettles that sit on top of a burner just take too long to make enough coffee for even one person, break easily and are nerve-wracking while you circle around waiting for your fix, staring at it balanced on the stove, then sip the shot and start again with shaking hands, burning fingers and pupils the size of dinner-plates.

We have moved onto a double walled Bodin thing with the rubber-sealed top spout but it is too heavy for backpacking and the seal on the plunger lip lets too many grinds through. You can knock it over though and the coffee doesn't spill while it is brewing due to the top rubber seal.

The Snow Peak titanium, I noticed, also uses the silicone rubber disc to seal the plunger, so until they bring out a metal mesh disc that presses better against the side walls, it doesn't look worth the money.

Next up, one of the aeropress things and if that fails, it is back to MSR type gold mesh drips that sit on top of or inside the cup.

Ahhh, the endless search for a good brew.

Price Paid: ?

The coffee was sooo good! The cozy looked so smart. It was my best coffee maker in 45 years of camping. A joy.

The Lexan coffee press has been sitting in my sink for the longest time now. Its filter stuck at the bottom and me unable to pull it out. I used boiling water, the freezer, tonight I tried dish soap. What's next, oil??? :(

Can anyone help me?

Price Paid: 25 $ or more

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