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GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset

rated 4.0 of 5 stars
photo: GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset pot/pan


Price MSRP: $119.95
Current Retail: $149.95-$159.95
Historic Range: $83.93-$159.95
Reviewers Paid: $129.95
Weight 3 lb 8 oz
Dimensions 9.10 in x 9.10 in x 5.80 in
Materials Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum and Clear
Includes 3 L Pot, 2 L Pot, 2 Strainer Lids, 9 in Frypan, 4 14 fl oz insulated mugs, 4 14 fl oz bowls, 4 7.5 in plates, 4 Sip-It Tops, Folding Pot Gripper, Welded Sink.


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I've used this set at least a dozen times each BWCA trip and family campouts for the past six years in a row. The pots and pans are great and the set packs very well. Very durable and do exactly what you want them to.

Cups with the sippy lids are great. Keep your coffee/tea hot without burning your hands and can store your spices when packed up. Really easy to use.


  • Teflon surface
  • Stuff sack for wash basin
  • Lids for pots are good in keeping in heat


  • Pricey set of cookware compared to others
  • Mugs double as bowls, therefore an odd shape to use as cups
  • Pot handle has some play and only has one that is shared

After traveling up to the BWCA for several years, one of my friends always packs this cook set for the trip. Since I like to do most of the cooking during fishing trips I fell in love with the set. Something versatile that cleverly packed in everything we needed with a light enough weight for backpacking if need be.

This kit has it all: a pot, a pan, cups with lids, bowls, a strainer built into the pot lid, and even the kitchen sink. We store our kitchen spices and eating utensils within the set as well. It's the do-it-all cook set.

What it doesn't have is an extra pot handle, so you won't be able to use the pot and pan at the same time until you buy a second handle. This can make cooking on two burners a little tricky (Yes, GSI sells them individually). 

GSI makes some solid outdoor products, though it's way more than most people need for backpacking and it is pricey for budget campers/backpackers. Also, be a little careful with this set since it is prone to scratching if handled roughly.   

The reason I don't give the product 5 stars is due to the price and that you can't use it over a campfire (stoves only). But, overall the Pinnacle Camper cook set is very convenient to pack up and go fishing or car camping with because it has all of the pots, pans, mugs, bowls, and plates that a group or family of four needs.

Overall this is an excellent cook set for basic camp cooking.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $129.95


Thanks for the review, edwin! Do you tend to bring the whole set with you each time, or parcel out pieces as needed?

6 years ago

Thanks Alicia....great question!
I am a diverse "outdoor hobbyist". I love canoeing, fishing, backpacking adventures and even a family weekend trip to the nearest state park. Sometimes I travel in a group of friends, with the family or solo.
With that said…I try to pick appropriately for the adventure I plan to set out on and since I own way too much equipment for this hobby I can. Personally I don't break up the set when I use it. I have a solo backpacking set I use (which I have reviewed). The Pinnacle works great for a fishing group of 4 or a family who can split up items in their backpacks or do a mostly car camping. When we have a larger group (such as traveling to the BWCA) a friend of mine will bring an additional set.
To muddy the answer a little more…the friend that brings the addition GSI set will break it apart and use it for his solo backpacking trips. He swears that you only need this set. He takes the cup/bowl combo, one plate, the frying pan and a smaller bowl with lid. The case will accommodate the break up.
I hope that helps….

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing all of that, Edwin. That makes sense. I'm the type who likes to keep parts and pieces together, but also doesn't want to carry any more than truly needed, so I was curious about how you handled it. The orderly nature of the GSI sets appeals to me. Thanks again for the review!

6 years ago

Well thought out, durable, and flexible cookset.


  • Everything fits together for storage.
  • Lightweight yet very durable.


  • Lids are not exactly heat proof.
  • Plates may be a bit too flimsy.

Features abound with this versatile cook set. I probably spent way too much time deciding on what to get for my boys and I to camp and hike with, but in the end, I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

First and foremost, I was looking for a product that was virtually bombproof, yet lightweight and useful. The Pinnacle Camper fits the bill nicely. When we car camp, the whole set comes along, but for hiking trips, the set is very easily broken up, depending on our menu.

You have to admit that the insulated cup/bowl combination is pretty ingenious. A lid that snaps on tight to prevent spills, and the two pieces separate so the outer section can be used as a bowl. Alright, a small
bowl, but it still does the job. Even though my kids have tried (apparently, they make great flying discs), the plates still remain unbroken. However, I remain dubious as to their longevity, the polypropylene seems very flimsy, particularly when warm.

The folding handle is very nice. It snaps on and off of the pots and fry pan very easily. I highly recommend taking the handle off once on your stove. Even when full of water, or whatever, the handles make them very tippy.

My only real disappointment is with the lids. The lids work great on the pots, no problems at all. On one trip we made pizzas in the fry pan and the rim of the lid partially melted. Through some experimentation, if you center the pan perfectly on your stove and keep the flame down, no problems.

Overall a great set for the money. The non-stick coating has held up very well, and except for one of the lids melting a little, there have been zero problems to report. I suspect with moderate care, this portable cook set
will last for many years.

Source: bought it new

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