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GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink

photo: GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink drink


Price Current Retail: $2.50
Historic Range: $1.73-$32.50


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Not a noticeable improvement in my performance, but it tastes good so I drink more water.


  • Amino acids to help recovery
  • Makes water more appealing
  • Calories and sugar for energy
  • Not overly sweet


  • Over-hyped advertizing claims

Why Roctane? Why not drink Gatorade or something similar? Good question. For a long time I did and I ended up diluting it a lot since the super sweetness was a turn off during exertion. Frankly Gu Roctane isn’t the first company to mix amino acids with their energy mix.  I tried Endurox mixes, which incorporate amino acids into their drink powders and liked it but it never seemed to mix completely in my bottle and would leave residue that was hard to clean out. Roctane mixes more completely.

I liked that Roctane isn’t so extremely sweet like Gatorade and additionally it has some amino acids to help my muscles heal a little bit post-workout. The flavor isn’t half bad too; it helps me drink more so that I won’t get dehydrated.

I drink a glass of it before my morning trail runs. No side-aches.  I still can’t quite catch up with my daughter as she runs ahead of me and I don’t notice a huge difference in the soreness I sometimes feel afterward.  The one positive difference I do notice though is that I don’t get the ammonia smell in my sweat that I sometimes get from not consuming enough carbs beforehand, so there is some tangible benefit.    

Anything that helps me drink more water on the trail is a benefit.  The sugars, calories and protein are helpful to keep me going since I don’t eat lunch during hikes, I just slurp Gu and drink to avoid the energy drain that comes with digesting a snack bar. 

I won't go out of my way to buy this again, but if it's available and similar in price to other offerings I'll continue to use it. 

Source: received it as a sample, freebie, or prize (Seth at Trailspace)

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