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Hammock Gear Premium Incubator 20°

photo: Hammock Gear Premium Incubator 20° under quilt


Price MSRP: $269.95
Reviewers Paid: $268.00
Weight 21.64 oz


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Bigger in size with a finer down than its ECO version, Hammock Gear’s Premium Incubator 20 is one of the best full-price gear purchases I have ever made. Once again the cottage industry proves its superiority to shelved items at REI.


  • Quality
  • Warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Comfortable


  • Wait time on order
  • Cost

I suffer from a hiking condition known as CBS (Cheap B@st@rd Syndrome). If you look over my gear reviews you will see loads of sentences like, “I bought this on clearance,” or “It was on sale.” And I often steer clear of name-brand stuff, unless I pick it up used or deeply discounted. HG’s Premium Incubator 20 is NOT one of those CBS purchases. I did my research and coughed up the dough to pay full price for this quality underquilt, and I have not regretted the purchase after four years and many nights out on the trail. 


I specifically purchased the Premium version of the Incubator 20, due to my 6’2" frame. Given that my DreamHammock is 11' long, I felt a bigger quilt would work better. I also paid for the extra ounce of 850 down to essentially make the underquilt a 15-degree one. The bigger size and extra down does edge up the weight to 24.4 ounces, but since I sleep cold, I have no complaints on the weight. 

Each UQ is built to order. While that means a longer wait time (2-3 weeks, longer around Christmas), it also means you are getting a handmade piece of quality craftsmanship made in the USA. The stitching is straight and tight. After four years of use, I have yet to pull on a loose thread. 


The cut of the UQ provides a shape that hugs the natural curve of a hammock (see first photo). There is a definitive wider top end to wrap around your shoulders and a narrow foot end to go around the feet. This cut reduces weight, while fitting a hammock exceptionally well.


Some of the extra features include:

  • Elastic cord locks to help “dial in” and hold the UQ in place for maximum insulation.


  • S-hooks to quickly attach and detach the QU to the hammock. Newer Incubators come with color-coded S-hooks to help differentiate between head and foot (I just look for the HG tag at the head end.).


  • Helpful plastic “rings” that can be used to clip the UQ to a compatible hammock setup. 


  • Since my DangerBird does not have the compatible setup, I use the rings to keep my sleeping bag in place at night. 

If the Premium Incubator is too expensive for you, the ECO model has been well-reviewed by others here on Trailspace. But I stand by this purchase and highly recommend it. 



The Incubator has been with me on everything from car camping to multi-night trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Ozark Mountains. I have taken it down to the upper-20s, but tend to weenie out when it gets much colder.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $268


Great review, Goose! So, does this mean that the Incubator is now called the Economy Incubator to differentiate it from this Premium version?

2 years ago

Yes. There is an Economy and Premium version. Premium is longer, with choice of down 850 or 950. Eco down is only 800.

2 years ago

Yes, that cost is high, but dang does it look nice!

2 years ago

I agree KK. Worth every penny.

2 years ago

Thanks for this Goose. I may have to pick one up for the better half now that she is a hammocker...the temp range seems about right. Birthday present taken care of!

2 years ago

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