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Heavy-Duty Clear Zip Pouches

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Tough, reusable food and condiment storage bags with a reliable seal. Heat sealable and free-standing when full. Cost and weigh a bit more more, but last longer than the main alternative. A while back I stooped so low as to review a simple plastic spoon. Now I'm going further down that particular rabbit hole for a review of... plastic bags. But they're really good plastic bags! We all know the industry standard, zippable polyethylene bags that come in various weights, sizes, and zipper types. Sometimes… Full review

Gourmet Soup & Chili Blends Sampler

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Vegan meal mixes with imaginative names, but they don't deliver on taste or calories. They can be rescued by adding fats or other extras, so they might work for some people. “Mighty thin stew, though, You could read a magazine right through it.” —Woody Guthrie, Talking Dust Bowl Blues OK, they aren’t quite that transparent, but that song came to mind as my wife and I passed around the first four of these trial-size soups and stews that Harmony House has offered up for backpackers. They just… Full review

Backpacking Kit

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Harmony House Backpacking kit is a tremendous value, offering 3.5lbs of dehydrated food in small, resealable ziplock bags. This kit has been the centerpiece of reducing my food weight and improving the overall quality of my meals and approximately $1 per meal or less. The Harmony House Backpacking Kit was a 2007 Editor's Choice for Backpacker Magazine. I bought this kit to plan for a week-long trip on the River-to-River Trail (Illinois), and I continue to use it as a centerpiece of my backpacking… Full review

Backpacking Kit

rated 5 of 5 stars Loved the kit. Used it to doctor and create trail meals for myself and family. Harmony House normally runs a special discount at times also. Way worth the money to have. Full review

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Harmony House makes dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables and side dishes.


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