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Hash Browns with Eggs, Sausage, and Cheese

rated 4 of 5 stars A simple, light, and filling breakfast for a reasonable price. The meal comes in a heat sealed package that you only have to cut the top off and add hot water until the contents are submerged. Stir and let sit for 20 minutes to rehydrate. The meal consists of 50¢ size slices of potatoes in a sauce of egg, sausage and parmesan cheese. The meal rehydrates well and there are no crunchy bits if you mix well. The meal was fine, very filling, but bland. I wish I brought a bottle of hot sauce or a little… Full review

Breakfast Casserole

rated 5 of 5 stars An awesome, yummy meal! Single or double servings – this review is for the single serving size. Serving size: 16 oz. Calories: 754 Ingredients: Eggs, mushrooms, onions, milk, cheese, whole grain bread Available at: http://hawkvittles.com/ Hawk Vittles is a 'cottage' backpacking meal vendor that I found via some YouTube reviews. They package the meals in vacuum seal bags and most have at least a year until expiration (it is marked on each label). Use a 'cozy' when rehydrating to retain heat—DIY… Full review

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HawK VittleS are meals that combine taste, fuel, and light weight for backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts.


HawK VittleS

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