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Helly Hansen HH Dry Stripe Crew

The HH Dry Stripe Crew has been discontinued. It was replaced by the Helly Hansen HH LIFA Stripe Crew.

photo: Helly Hansen HH Dry Stripe Crew base layer top


Price Historic Range: $21.99-$39.95


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The garment is advertised as a technical base layer that's made with 100% HH LIFA fabric (which is modified polypropylene). I've been wearing this base layer for about eight months now and I can easily say that it's a high-quality one and I'm happy with my purchase. I've used this base layer during hiking trips in the mountain (summer; elevation from 400 to 1800+ m a.s.l.) as well as for town.


  • Fits well and is comfortable
  • Lightweight and relatively breathable
  • Absorbs little water and dries fast
  • Looks good (it may not be very important, but I really like how the baselayer looks)


  • The smell after wearing it (and sweating) for a whole day on the trail

Fit & Comfort

I ordered size XXL as I wasn't sure if I need XL or XXL. Initially, I thought that it's a kind of large but as soon as I put it on, it fitted well and I was surprised how comfortable it was.

I haven't noticed anything strange during hiking, which in my case, means that the garment was comfortable enough. Btw, I'd advise you to cut off the five labels inside as they may cause some friction.


I've used it (without other layers) during summer hikes in the mountain so the temperature range was between 15 and 25 degrees C (which is 59-77 degrees F). In such conditions, the base layer is breathable enough even when walking in the sun. In town, I've used it in cool-to-cold weather under a mid-layer and it felt good.


Moisture Management

According to Helly Hansen, it provides moisture management during aerobic activities and I would agree with this claim. The material wicks sweat away from the skin even during some intense hiking. The moisture evaporates through the mesh-like weave and the skin feels cool and dry. In addition, when wet, the base layer doesn't need more than a couple of hours to dry.

Warmth and Layering

This base layer is made for aerobic activities (it's thin and light) so it can't be very warm. And it isn't. However, it feels warm enough when worn beneath another layer.

Construction and Durability

It's well-made and it still looks quite good considering the fact that I've been using it quite a lot during these eight months.


I've used this base layer during hiking trips in the mountain (summer; elevation from 400 to 1800+ m a.s.l.) as well as for town.


I've used various base layers made by Patagonia, NORTHLAND, as well as other base layers by Helly Hansen such as HH LIFA Stripe Crew and HH LIFA Merino. As a matter of fact, I'm one of those who aren't very satisfied with a product unless the product is really good. Having said that, I'm very satisfied with the Helly Hansen HH Dry Stripe Crew base layer and I recommend it for hiking and backpacking. It's a high-quality base layer, it's relatively inexpensive, it works as advertised, and more importantly—it's an excellent buy.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 19 EU (on sale)


Nice first review.

2 years ago
Valentin Shekerov MEDIA


2 years ago

Great review, Valentin! Thanks for taking the time to share it. Since you also have experience with the current LIFA Stripe and LIFA Merino, I'd be curious to read reviews of those, mainly to figure out how all of those Lifa layers are differentiated.

2 years ago
Valentin Shekerov MEDIA

Thanks, Alicia! It's a great idea and as soon as I have enough time, I'll share my experience with these two base layers. (btw, I haven't found any appreciable difference between how HH Dry Stripe Crew and HH LIFA Stripe Crew perform on the trail)

2 years ago

Thanks, Valentin! I'll look forward to your future reviews when you have the time.

2 years ago

I guess this holds odor more than the LIFA Merino? Does it insulate as well as the Merino or do you use it in warmer temps?

2 years ago
Valentin Shekerov MEDIA

Phil, my perception is that it holds a lot more odor than the LIFA Merino. Dry Stripe Crew/LIFA Stripe Crew is less than 150g, while LIFA Merino is 340g and IMO there's a huge difference between the insulative abilities of these base layers. In general, I recommend the synthetic base layers (Dry Stripe Crew/LIFA Stripe Crew) for warmer conditions though I've heard about people that use (and like) them in cold temps too.

2 years ago

Good info. Thanks, Valentin.

2 years ago
Nick Mesarhakis

I have the HH LIFA ACTIVE 1/2 ZIP and I've used it from 10°C up to 2.1°C and I concur with the following. The short sleeve version's seams though dig into my pits and feels unconfortable.

2 years ago

Thanks, Nick!

2 years ago

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