Hi-Tec Men's Magnum Tanker

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The Men's Magnum Tanker has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2020.


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By far the best pair of boots (of footwear for that matter) I've ever owned. Not to sound sappy, but I bought these boots the day I went out with my wife for the first time over 6 years ago, and just expected them to be a short-term solution (I had left my cheap Vietnam jungle boots in Petoskey, MI over New Year's). I've always felt comfortable in a pair of black boots, but these boots far exceeded my expectations.

These boots are so comfortable I have worn them everywhere. I'd wear them to school, to work (numerous different jobs, from convenience store clerk, factory work, painting, and door-to-door canvasing, just to name a few), while going out, you name it. I've probably worn these boots at least 100 - 150 times a year in all weather, and just now the leather has cracked on the left outer edge near the toe. The only other problem I've had was the "manmade" upper frayed on both boots above the heel, but was corrected in a few minutes with a pair of scissors. Heck, I still have over 50% of the original tread!

I broke out the Shoe Goo to patch the crack, but know it's probably time to buy another pair of boots, but really wish Hi-Tec still made these boots. Their web site lists all sorts of funky hiking boots in flashy colors, but all I want is a simple pair of black boots for everyday use. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be most appreciated.

Materials: rubber soul, leather base with "manmade" (nylon?) upper
Use: light trail, everyday use
Break-in Period: so far back I can't remember (maybe a day or two)
Weight: 1.2 lbs./boot
Price Paid: $35 (6 years ago)

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