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Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife GK

photo: Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife GK fixed-blade knife


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My go-to camp and backwoods knife. Good steel, solid grip, five UK pounds.


  • Crazy bargain pricing
  • Excellent steel
  • Beefy construction


  • Nope

I like a short fixed blade, around camp, in the woods or working in my garden.  I don't want to spend silly money, then be reluctant to cut things, with my expensive toy. Hultafors make a great, cheap blade—thick, strong, and easily sharpened—with a comfortable handle, then put it in a tricky sheath, which offers multiple carry options.

Three millimetre Japanese knife steel. A spine that produces sparks from a ferro rod, when you need them. Tough enough to baton branches for your fire and easily sharpened to feather sticks, strip bark, prune your shrubs, slice up your apple.

It's not flexible, so not a great spreader—but it'll fashion you a replacement tent peg quicker than almost any folding pen knife. The handle is two grades of plastic, which offer good grip with gloves, wet hands, frozen fingers...

The sheath can be attached to your overalls via a button, worn on your belt, or pretty much made to work however else you like to carry such a thing. I tried a Swedish style Dangler sheath mod, which is more comfortable than normal belt attachment but generally I just throw the knife and sheath into the lid pocket of my pack. The plastic sheath fits neatly and securely. After five years, I haven't known the knife to work itself loose, yet.

A five quid investment shouldn't pay dividends this big. If I mislay this thing, or my nephew takes a shine to it, another one is still £5.95, delivered.


Five years in my pack, jacket, or toolbox.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £5


Thanks for the recommendation, Lester!

1 month ago
Bob Withrow

Question: I have a Morakniv that bears a striking resemblance to this one. Like a twin. Do you know if it’s the same maker using a different name in UK vs US?

1 month ago

Hi Bob, You're not the only one to notice resemblances between those two Swedish brands' knives. Which do you have? Morakniv makes all of its knives in Mora, Sweden. I don't believe Hultafors, which is part of the Hultafors Group, makes its knives in Sweden anymore, but can't find confirmation; maybe Lester can confirm where his was made.

Slight digression, but you might be interested to know that Hultafors axes are now hand forged by Hults Bruk, also in Sweden. Hults Bruk, the oldest active axe maker in the world, is a separate brand, but is also owned by the Hultafors Group. Back to your original query, I don't believe Hultafors and Morakniv have any connection, beyond being Swedish knife companies.

1 month ago
Lester M

I believe they are Different companies, Bob. The shape of the blades, from each company, follow a traditional Swedish pattern- and Mora also sell theirs as a blank, if you prefer to make your own handle.

1 month ago
Lester M

Alicia is right to question the origin of the Hultafors knives. I doubt they are manufactured in Europe and I'd be surprised, if they were. I have a similar Morakniv blade, which looks and feels like a luxury product, by comparison. For practical purposes, the Hultafors knife represents the lowest price point, at which a good quality, durable blade can be found. The Mora Companion, which is a slightly thinner blade but otherwise a competitor for the Hultafors, costs twice as much I'm no metallurgist- but I'm guessing that the differential is a result of labour costs.

1 month ago

Lester, I agree. I can't find confirmation online from the brand about where its knives are made, but tellingly they don't say they are made in Sweden.

1 month ago

Good knife for outdoor and bushcraft. Low price, high quality, made in Sweden. Have fun.


  • Low price under 10$
  • 3mm back
  • Good grip
  • Good sheath
  • Endless story...


  • No cons

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Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (I kept the product after testing.)

The author of this review received a sample of the product from the brand or its representative in exchange for a review.

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