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Integral Designs Dolomitti Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Integral Designs is no longer in business, and the Dolomitti Jacket has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best synthetic insulated jackets for 2024.

photo: Integral Designs Dolomitti Jacket synthetic insulated jacket

This is a standard parka with a layer of 4.0 oz. Primaloft insulation. The loft is about 2.0 - 2.5 cm. Weight (for a medium) is greater than that quoted: 590 g + 80 g for the detachable hood. There is a lot of internal volume in the medium size -- I can get it over top of my shell jacket.

My jacket has the options of a detachable hood, and taslan nylon patches on the shoulders and elbows-forearms. The taslan patches may account for the 50 g difference in mass from the quote of 540 g.

The Pertex shell is quite tough and water-resistant. Workmanship is good. The collar fits close and provides a tight air seal. The jacket is cut longish (below my bum) and seals around the waist with a bungee cord. On my jacket there's too much slack in one side of the cord so the bottom of the parka gets twisted when the waist is cinched up. The cuffs are made of spandura (which is nice) but ID needs to cut down the insulation around the wrists as I have a lot of difficulty in putting on gauntlet gloves over the parka. It has two handwarmer pockets and an inner pocket. The handwarmer pockets are plenty large enough to stuff mitts into and are insulated -- a nice feature. The zippers don't have pull-loops on them, which is something I expect from a winter piece, and even worse some of the zipper pulls (on the pockets -- hood and chest pulls are ok) are too small to run cord through them.

The hood is a little mediocre. The zipper it attaches with is a little long and so does not lock down at the end. This means it can work it's way loose and partially unzip, which is annoying. ID needs to add a feature to lock down the zipper pull. It will fit a helmet underneath, but it is very tight if you do so.

Compared to a down jacket, it is cheaper and lighter than most. In fact, it masses the same as a 300 PL fleece or a pile jacket It is not quilted so there are no cold spots. It is not as compressable; the best I can compress it down to is 6.0 L.

Fabric: Pertex 1.3 oz. shell, diamond-weave nylon inner
Fill: Primaloft
Price Paid: $225 Cdn.

The Dolomitti is an extraordinary jacket! It is really hot in there. The cut is perfect (sized large enough for underlayers), the pertex shell does the job, the hand cuff seals efficiently and the hood is huge. I used it many times for ice climbing, nordic skiing and winter trips.

To give you an idea, I went on a winter trip last Christmas higher than the 53 parralel in the mountains and it was cold! Some mornings were -30 without the windchill. In my bacpack I had a Baltoro down jacket from North Face and it didn't leave my pack once. The Dolomitti kept me warm on those cold evenings and mornings.

This jacket doesn't weigh more than a fleece. The best use for me would be to bring it without the hood and bring a down parka with it. If you are cold with this, I will recommend you to sell all your camping gear and buy a bowling kit! :)

Fabric: pertex shell
Fill: primaloft

Integral Designs is a Canadian company out of Alberta. They offer a variety of quality products but I was attracted to their Dolomitti jacket and the fact that they were willing to customise it for me (after some persuasion, on some points). The standard jacket does not come in dryloft so my comments may not apply to a nylon version.

This jacket was/is incredible. I used it on a kayaking/hiking expedition to Ellesmere Island at about 78*N. The jacket kept me warm when wet and dry most of the time. Although the primaloft certainly doesn't insulate like down, under a pack or under a survival suit, this is the most useful jacket I've ever had. Makes a good pillow too.

Fabric: Dryloft Shell
Fill: Primaloft
Price Paid: >$300 Can

After six years of on- and off-trail use, the Dolomitti is still my favorite insulated jacket and perhaps my favorite piece of backpacking gear. Still keeps me warm and dry. Despite lightweight materials, I have encountered zero durability problems. Quality garment made in Canada! Reasonably priced.

Fabric: Pertex
Fill: Primaloft
Price Paid: $150

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