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Integral Designs Mark III

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Integral Designs is no longer in business, and the Mark III has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best four-season tents for 2024.

The biggest of these single-wall wedges that I've found, the Mk III can comfortably sleep 2 tall people. The basic tent is pretty spartan, but is vastly customizable from the builders; ours has a second door, the optional 200d oxford cloth floor, door awnings, and extra guy-out points. The poles are the typical 7000 series aluminum. Construction seems very solid, seams are taped (we sealed all seams with Seam Grip anyway, just in case). The tent is pretty easy to set up, even in high winds, and if guyed out can shrug off high winds and snow loads. Ventilation, thought to be an issue with single wall tents, is great, thanks to the second door. We use a Bibler vestibule with our tent (at the time we bought the tent the Integral Designs vestibule didn't look too good), and the extra storage space is nice for boots, stoves, etc. The entire rig weighs 6 lb and a couple ounces on our scale. If you like the idea of a single wall tent Integral Designs is definitely worth checking out.

Design: Single-wall, 2 pole wedge design expedition tent
Sleeps: 2 (3 if you REALLY like each other)
Ease of Setup: Very simple.
Weight: 4 lb, 13 oz.
Price Paid: Don't remember (sorry!)

Great tent. Custom made in Calgary, Canada. Don't believe all of the propaganda that says you have to buy a Bibler or Garuda if you want a single wall tent. The truth is that Bibler's Toddtex (vain name, don't you think?) is the very same stuff as in most single walls. The mill that produces this fabric calls it Tetratex, I don't know why Todd Bibler thought he had to change it for his use.

ID has been around longer than every other single wall maker, with the exception that I don't know about Bibler.

These are all custom made. You can get all the options, or none. Great workmaanship. Choose your color scheme even.

This tent was recommended by Dan McHale himself. That is Dan Mchale, as in McHale & Co. Mountaineering (the standard to which all other backpacks are compared). He own at least two ID tents.

The only problems with this tent are common to all single walls, there is a price for the reduced weight in your pack. Ventalation.

Design: 4 season single wall mountaineering
Sleeps: 2, or 3 very friendly climbers
Ease of Setup: very easy, internal pole
Weight: 4lbs 6oz?
Price Paid: $500? canadian, plus options

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